Plus500 Bonus Code: Get your Bonus Code and Enjoy 100% Welcome Bonus

Plus500 is a forex trading provider that has its headquarters in Israel and has been in operation since 2008. It prides itself as being a global brand thanks to its presence in many countries including Cyprus and the UK, as well as, providing over 1000 trading instruments to its roughly one million clients.

Plus500 was established with the major aim of providing a lead in technological innovation as a great CFD provider worldwide. Its pace in making this vision a reality has been steady but sure with every step. As a result, it takes a position in being among the best trading brokers we have today.

Setting up your account using a Plus500 bonus code

In order for you to trade with Plus500’ trading broker, you need to first sign up for an account from Plus500’s official website. Plus500 has two different trading account options for you to pick from. These two account types are suit to fit your different experience levels in trading. These accounts are the demo account and the live account.

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How To Register On The Site

To register, you are going to click on the start trading now button on the platform’s homepage. You can choose to either sign up for a live account or a demo account according to your preference. You are going to be redirected to another page where you are to provide your personal details to sign up for an account.

Account Types

As earlier indicated, there are two account types that Plus500 offers. The demo account is a good option for you if you are a beginner in trading with little or no experience in trading. It is a demonstration tool, as its name indicates, and it is going to give you an opportunity to hone your skills. It is also a great refresher tool for experienced traders who have taken some time without trading. A good thing with Plus500’s demo account is that it has no time limits, you can have it indefinitely. That is, it has no expiry date; hence, you can use it for as long as you need it.

The other account type that you can sign up for is the live trading account. This is the standard account type that Plus500 offers. It is suitable for both beginner traders and experienced traders. With this trading account type, you benefit from the access to the various trading instruments as well as great leverages.

In setting up your account at Plus500, it is advisable to start with the demo account, even if you are a trader with experience. This is for you to learn the environment of Plus500 and be proficient on the basics when you upgrade to the live account. Also, as it has no time limits in expiry, you can maintain it and use it to test various trading strategies in your career path.

Bonuses Offered To New Traders

Plus500 occasionally sets up promotions and offers bonuses to its clients in a bid to improve customer experience. Among the various bonuses that Plus500 currently offers are as follows.

  • The first deposit bonus. In this bonus program, you are guaranteed a bonus on your first deposit with each deposit amount having specified points that you gain. The bonus amount is going to be credited immediately you trade the required number of trader points.

Bonus Terms

The following are the terms and conditions that govern the bonus program run by Plus500 to ensure that it goes on smoothly.

  • Occasionally, plus50 offers some promotions and bonuses. If you meet the set criteria and be legible for the promotions, a message will be sent to your trading account.
  • The bonuses are redeemable for use if you meet the set conditions as required.
  • All bonuses have an expiry period of 90 days starting from the day of introduction.
  • The bonus is only offered one per household. That is the bonus is only for one person from the household or either having the same IP address, home address, phone number, and email among other personal details.
  • Plus500 can change the terms of the bonuses and promotion any time even without prior notice.
  • You are liable for any damages or losses that you incur courtesy of trading using the bonuses.

These are some of the many terms and conditions safeguarding the bonuses offered by Plus500. It is advisable for you to read and understand them before getting into the bonuses offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the minimum initial deposit required for me to start trading?

Answer: The minimum initial deposit required when you sign up for the live trading account is £100. This is your base capital for investment.

Question: What are the accepted base currency unit for trading at Plus500?

Answer: The base currency units accepted by Plus500 are the Australian dollar, the euro, and the United States dollar.

Question: How do I withdraw from the bonus program?

Answer: To withdraw from the bonus program, you just contact the customer care center through their helpline.

Question: Does Plus500 have promo codes?

Answer: Plus500 has promo codes that you use when redeeming your bonuses and trading points.

Quality of Platform

Website’s Ergonomy

The design of Plus500’s website is simply amazing as expected from a broker of such class. It features a simplistic design and homepage layout that makes it easy for you to get what you want in the menu. Its organization is great and you can easily locate the various menu items.

A feature not to ignore is the multilingual support feature that allows you to select the language most applicable to you. This due to the need for Plus500 to make its services available to clients from different parts of the world.

The social media affiliate links on its page lead you to its respective social media handles. Here you can see reviews from different clients on Plus500’s products. You can also use these social media fronts to communicate with Plus500’s customer care personnel.

Leverage Effect

Leverage allows you to multiply your trading earnings to a certain extent when you trade. Plus500 has great leverages which go up to a maximum of 1:30. You, however, need to be careful when trading using leverage as in the event of a loss, the loss is amplified to the same extent that your profits would reach.

Banking Options

An essential part of trading is the banking aspect that helps when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds from your account.


Plus500 has three ways in which you can make a deposit. These include the use of debit or credit cards where only Visa or MasterCard are accepted. Electronic wallet payments such as PayPal and Skrill are also accepted by Plus500 in addition to bank transfer modes. There are no transaction costs in deposits and it takes a short time to reflect at times instantly.


Withdrawals are very easy to initiate and all you need is to request for withdrawal of funds and indicate the amount you need to be withdrawn. In withdrawals, the withdrawal channels are the same as the deposit channels and have no transaction costs. To reflect, it may take 1-3 business days to reflect for verification purposes. Transaction costs may, however, be incurred if you exceed the set limits.

Islamic Trading

The Islamic trading account is a swap-free trading account that is designed in accordance with the sharia law. This law forbids interest hence the trading accounts are interest-free. Unfortunately, Plus500 does not feature this account type.

Customer Support

Plus500 has invested in professional staff for its clients’ needs. This is to match its global status when it comes to customer relations. The helpline number on its website functions throughout and the personnel is dedicated to ensuring your queries are answered. Occasionally the personnel may also offer advisory services in matters related to trading.

There is always the live chat that also operates 24/7 apart from the social media pages where you can also air your views.

Spreads And Slippage

Plus500 features very low and favorable spreads.

Top 3 Alternatives To Plus500

There are some nice alternative brokers that can take Plus500 to the limit in the delivery of services as well as the features they have among the best alternatives to Plus500 are as follows.


Avatrade is an Israeli based company. It has been in operation since 2006 giving it an edge over many brokers in expertise and experience. It uses these two factors to its benefit and it has managed to attract clients all over the globe who come to experience its services.

A major factor behind the success of Avatrade is its nice welcome bonus. Discover our full review and our Avatrade partner code to know more about this broker.

Oanda has two trading accounts the standard trading account and the demo account. Both serve various client interests according to experience and exposure to trading.

Why Avatrade Is A Great Alternative To Plus500

Avatrade is a great alternative to Plus500 due to the following reasons.

  • It has measures that are intended to protect your funds entrusted to it.
  • Avatrade has been in the business for long hence it has an idea of what you are looking for when signing up for an account.
  • It has technologically advanced trading platforms that enhance your trade executions.
  • Avatrade is present in many countries globally all around the world.
  • When signed up with Avatrade, you are going to have access to many learning resources not limited to the demo account, webinars, and live sessions.

London Capital Group

London Capital Group is another trading broker that can hold its water up to Plus500. It has offices in London where it was established in 1996 with its headquarters in the Cayman Islands. London Capital Group also has cutting edge technology that it incorporates in giving its clients the best trading experience that they can wish for. This is evident in its advanced trading platforms that are very versatile and come with features that make the trading exploits to be worthwhile.

London Capital Group is also regulated making it very credible when it comes to handling your finances entrusted to it. All of these make for the incredible aspects that you look for in a broker.

Why London Capital Group Is A Great Alternative To Plus500

The following are some of the features that make London Capital Group a viable alternative to Plus500.

  • It has technologically sound platforms that give its many clients the best trading experience. The features that the platforms have to make for a hassle-free trading session.
  • You are ensured of the security of your funds as well as personal information when you sign up with London Capital Group.
  • You also have access to a variety of financial trading instruments that you can trade on.
  • London Capital Group also provides access to learning material such as trading guides and trading videos.

City Index

City Index is a United Kingdom-based forex broker that has been in operation since 1983. This is almost 4 decades in the business making it a great alternative due to credibility and expertise in handling its clients. City Index is notable in offering the spread betting services that allows you to bet on the outcome of selected financial trading instruments that it offers. It has advanced trading platforms that are an actual boost to your trading strategy owing to features such as charts and live news.

Why City Index Is A Great Alternative To Plus500

City Index is a viable alternative to Plus500 as summarized by the points below.

  • It has plenty of trading instruments that you can execute your trades on.
  • City Index has advanced trading platforms with awesome features that enhance your trading experience.
  • The platform has a professional trading account for professional traders who want to stake more while trading.
  • By signing up with City Index, you have access to educational material that helps you in grasping the trading concept as well as honing your trading skills.
  • City Index has very reliable customer care that is available for your trading needs throughout the day.

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