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Avatrade is one of the worldwide strongest CFD broker.
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Top Forex Brokers


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These Brokers offer excellent services to their clients and have in the process acquired a large clientele base. With innovations and resiliency on their side, these are brokers to be benchmarked owing to their professional work mode. They are recommendable for any trader looking for a great broker with services designed to meet their standards.

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AvaTrade Brokers

AvaTrade is a great broker established in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. With guiding values in integrity and fairness, innovation and customer service, it has managed to grow in leaps and bounds in the slightly over-a-decade stay in the business. This growth has seen AvaTrade garner clients worldwide which has prompted it to expand to other territories to bring its services closer to its customers. It has regional offices in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney all of which are major financial hubs where it has a large number of clients.

Its online platform makes it easy to execute trades and owning an account is easy as you will fill an online form to get started as part of the registration process. You can even enjoy our Avatrade partner code 88907.

It has two account types that a registered trader can pick from, the demo account and the real account. The demo account serves as a practice tool for novice traders who have little or no experience of the forex trading concept. This account type will help them hone their trading skills before they get to professional trading. The real account is the standard account type and is suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

The real account has favorable trading conditions such as a significant variance in trading instruments, a factor that will entice anyone who is interested in forex trading.

AvaTrade’s awesomeness also comes in its legitimacy as it has in its possession the right permits that allow for its operation in six jurisdictions. To get these permits, AvaTrade needed to be compliant with some set regulations which it met all of them cementing its credibility as the broker of choice for many traders.

What Makes AvaTrade Brokers The Best?

AvaTrade has managed to set itself as the best broker around. The following are some of the reasons as to why AvaTrade is one of the best brokers that you can sign up with.

Welcome bonus and partner code

AvaTrade offers welcome bonus to its traders. You can enjoy it at the fullest using our exclusive Avatrade partner code 88907.

Also, thanks to a partnership with Manchester City Football Club, you’ll be able to learn how to coach and manage on Avatrade’s platform.

Vast Range Of Trading Instruments

AvaTrade has many trading instruments that you can pick for to execute trades. Among the various instruments that one can execute trades with from AvaTrade are CFDs, commodities, currency pairs and indices.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are the in thing in the financial world, and AvaTrade has taken advantage of this by incorporating them into its trading instruments. This means that apart from the common trading instruments, a trader can execute trades on cryptocurrency units such as the Bitcoin, the Litecoin, Ripple, and the Ethereum.

Assured Safety Of Funds

AvaTrade in keeping up with the set regulation from concerned financial regulatory bodies and also in maintaining its level of integrity seeks to ensure the safety of clients’ funds entrusted to it.  It has come up with effective measures that ensure this such as adequate capital creation and use of segregated bank accounts to ensure almost zero dependencies on clients’ funds. It also has employed great encryption services to prevent loss of clients’ funds and access to clients’ information by hackers.

Excellent Trading Platforms

AvaTrade also has some of the best trading platforms for the initiation of trades. These platforms come equipped with outstanding features that enhance the overall customers’ experience.

Superb Customer Service

This broker has invested in qualified staff that works with utter dedication to ensure all clients are satisfied with the end product. They will answer all customer queries, and at times they may also offer advisory services to the clients about forex trading. The live chat is available at all times to also help with arising issues from the clients

Great Trading Conditions

AvaTrade has some of the best trading conditions which are evident in its minimum initial deposit of $100, acceptance of multiple currency units and also in its promotions.

Multilingual Support

As it has clients from all over the world, AvaTrade has integrated its website to support multiple languages for all to use.

Another factor that makes AvaTrade rank among the best brokers is its Islamic account. The Islamic account is compliant with the sharia law that prohibits interests. For this reason, clients of the Muslim faith will have a swap free account.

Nice leverage effect

Event though you might not be entitled to enjoy the highest leverage effect available of 400:1 if you leave in Europe, this options still available in most part of the world. AvaTrade offers one of the highest leverage effects in the market. However, using leverage is very risky and must not be done without full knowledge of the trades you are doing.

E Toro

*The following content does not apply to US users.

E Toro ranks among the best brokers mostly due to its technological approach in the provision of its services. Established in early 2007 in Israel, E Toro prides itself in the use of social trading networks in trading that allows for a great trading experience. Its mode of operation has managed to acquire it a large clientele base from all corners of the globe. This has compelled it to expand its presence further to this territories, and this can be seen by the offices it has established in different countries. Among the places E Toro has its offices include Limassol in Cyprus and London in the United Kingdom apart from its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

E Toro operates on the values of constant innovation and evolution a pushing force behind its imminent growth each year as well as amassing itself tons of loyal clients. This has managed to make E Toro a global brand in forex trading. This broker seeks to maintain its level of credibility to retain the faith its clients have in it. Its reliability is proved by its possession of updated licenses that permit and governs its operation in various jurisdictions where it has a presence. Contrary to Avatrade, E Toro doesn’t offer the possibility to enjoy partner code, meaning you can’t maximize your bonuses.

E Toro has an online platform where a trader can sign up for an account. There are three account types to pick from which are the demo account, the retail account, and the professional account. Signing up for the demo and the retail account is easy, and you will be required to provide your valid details in name and an email address. The demo account is for practice purposes for novice traders, and it will help them get accustomed to trading. The retail account is the standard account type that E Toro offers and a notable feature is its social trading aspect that allows for copy trading.

The professional account is an account type for professional clients who are willing to stake a vast fortune in trade execution. For the professional account, a client will request for one by filling up an online form. If accepted on the basis that the client meets the set criteria, he or she will be contacted for further instructions.

Why E Toro Is The Best

Here are among the many reasons as to why E Toro ranks among the best brokers to look out for.

Awesome Trading Conditions

The trading conditions at E Toro are very great and will provide a worthwhile trading experience to the trader. Trading conditions such as negative balance protection are great and very lucrative to its clients.

The Social Trading Network Concept

The social trading network concept is an excellent concept that E Toro features that allows for copy trading. Copy trading is the execution of trades using techniques from a more experienced trader.

Cryptocurrency Trading

E Toro has bought into the tide that is cryptocurrency trading. Here a client can trade on cryptocurrency units such as the Bitcoin, the Litecoin and Ethereum as trading instruments.

Vast Range Of Trading Instruments

This trader has an enormous range of trading instruments that you can pick from when initiating trades. They include commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrency units, and indices.

Great Customer Service

E Toro has one of the best workforces which is experienced and work professionally to ensure that all its clients are satisfied. The personnel will put their skill set to use in helping clients with any arising issue and occasionally will offer the clients advice on trading. The customer care center is efficient and is ready to help at all times.

Leverage effect: low but responsible

If you register on E Toro from Europe, you won’t be able to enjoy leverage effects higher than x10. If this decision can be frustrating, the platform decided to lower it in order to comply with UE regulations laws and to protect its traders.

The Affiliate Program

E Toro features an affiliate program where interested persons will sign up for the program. Once accepted, they will be tasked with the promotion of the E Toro brand and they will be provided with banners that they will put on their websites. On the successful referral of a client to E Toro, the affiliates will get a commission of an agreed upon amount.

The Professional Client

Professional clients who have the professional account will benefit from certain perks such as being provided with an account manager as well as high leverage trading conditions and negative balance protection.


Swissquote is a Swiss forex broker that was conceived in 1996 with the primary aim of providing private investors with real-time forex prices free of charge. A member of the Swissquote group holdings company, this broker has managed to grow drastically in the years it has been in business. With experience and expertise in the financial world on its side, Swissquote has been able to provide its many clients with services designed to meet their expectations. This makes it a much-preferred broker due to its unrivaled customer services.

This broker is headquartered in Gland, Switzerland where it was founded but with resilience, it has managed to spread its wings to other territories worldwide for a massive audience reach. Among the places where it has its offices include Malta, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Apart from its resilience and hard work, Swissquote owes its greatness to its credibility and legitimacy that has attracted many clients to it. It has the right permits of operation from the regulatory authorities in all jurisdictions that it runs its operations from.

In keeping up with the set regulations dictated by these regulatory bodies, Swissquote has made it a priority to ensure the safety of clients’ funds entrusted to it.  To keep clients’ funds safe, Swissquote uses segregated bank accounts as well as the services of credible banks to keep the funds. It also exercises negative balance protection for the same reason.

Registering for an account is easy, and you will be required to fill an online form with your personal as well as financial details. There are three account types that you can sign up for which are the demo account, the standard account, and the corporate account. The demo account serves to train novice traders while the standard is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. The corporate account is meant for companies that have an interest in taking part in forex trading.

Why Swissquote Is The Best

These are the reasons that make Swissquote rank among the best brokers in 2020.

Excellent Trading Conditions

Swissquote has some of the best trading conditions that work in favor of its clients. Among the enticing conditions include the minimum deposit of $1 and no commissions charged.

Awesome Trading Platforms

This broker has invested in great trading platforms that enhance the trading experience of its clients. These platforms include the mobile platforms that allow a trader to execute trades using his or her mobile phone.

Security Of Funds

Swissquote also strives to ensure that clients’ funds entrusted to it are kept safe. For this, it has come up with great measures such as using segregated bank accounts to separate clients’ and the company’s funds.

Customer Care

Swissquote have one of the best customer service personnel that work round the clock to ensure clients’ needs have been met.

Daily-trades.com provides you professional advices, and help you get the most out of your subscription thanks to its partner codes.

These are some of the best brokers for 2020. They offer excellent services to their clients and have in the process acquired a large clientele base. With innovations and resiliency on their side, these are brokers to be bench marked owing to their professional work mode. They are recommendable for any trader looking for a great broker with services designed to meet their standards.

However, if AvaTrade and E Toro are close, we give our preferences to AvaTrade, thanks its welcome bonus and partner code.


Forex brokers are a crucial link in forex trading as they provide a platform for a trader to trade on various trading instruments on offer. There are many forex brokers each with a unique mode of service delivery to set them apart from the rest. A trader will look for a broker who will offer favorable terms and conditions according to the trader’s taste and preferences. With the client being always right who in this case is the trader, brokers need to work smart to provide unrivaled services for more clients to be attracted to their product. And that’s where daily-trades.com will help you: in choosing the forex broker that suits your needs.

Some brokers have perfected the art of service delivery and ranked among the top when it comes to clients’ preferences. Discover our website to find out which ones are  best brokers 2020, enjoy our promo code, and learn all the fundamental of forex and trading.

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