Avatrade Partner Code Jan 2023: Enter the code 88907

The Avatrade partner code is 88907. Read our articles to find out how to get the most of it, what you can get, and how to enjoy Avatrade’s platform.  

Up to 14,000$ Bonus
Start trading now

Up to 14 000 $ Bonus depending on your deposit.

Bonus available for non-EU resident. 

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Expired on: 12/31/2021
Avatrade partner code

Enter our Avatrade partner code 88907 on the registration form to enjoy welcome bonuses.

Avatrade Partner Code 88907: All the advantages

Avatrade Offer Bonuses (2021) Avatrade Partner Code
Avatrade Welcome Bonus Up to $14,000 88907
Others Welcome Assets Free eBooks and classes 88907
Avatrade Forex Bonus Free trading classes 88907
Man City Partnership Video Tutorials 88907

To be able to execute trades with AvaTrade and benefit from its great trading conditions you will need to sign up for an account and use our Avatrade partner code 88907 for 2020. Sign up for an account by filling the blank with your details, answer a few questions and enter the code 88907.

Setting Up Your Account with our Avatrade partner code 88907

How To Register On the Website using our partner code Avatrade 88907

Once you are at AvaTrade’s online platform, you will click on sign up for an account where you will be redirected to a page with an online form. This online form will need to be filled with your details such as your legal name and also your valid email address where you will be receiving notifications about your account. Also on registration, you will be able to choose between two account types the demo account or the real trading account. Be aware that you won’t be able to win really with a demo account, even though that could be a bit alternative before trying to win big. This account type will help you grasp the trading concept as a mode of training you. If you want more specific information about the broker, you can also check our Avatrade review article.

The real account is the standard account that you can sign up for and is suitable for experienced traders. This forex broker provides its customer with excellent features that will enhance your trading.

At the end of the registration process, you will see the bold sentence ” Have a partner code”. Click on it, then enter our Avatrade Partner Code to get the most out of your subscription with the partner code 88907.Avatrade partner code

Avatrade’s Welcome Bonus: $14,000 free when registering with 88907 bonus code

Register using our Avatrade bonus code and get $14,000 free when creating your account. All you need to do is enter your information and click on “Avatrade Partner Code”. Then, enter the code 88907 in the blank space and get $14,000 for free when doing your first deposit.

The bonus is set up as followed*:


Deposit Bonus
1,000-1,999 200
2,000-2,999 400
3,000-4,999 600
5,000-9,999 1,000
10,000-19,999 2,000
20,000-49,999 4,000
50,000-99,999 10,000
100,000+ RFQ

As mentioned in the table, the $14,000 are available in USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD. You can get from $200 to $10,000 for free when creating your account with Avatrade.

IMPORTANT: this bonus only applies if you live OUT OF THE EU ZONE.

You can have a sum-up on “how to register” and a few Avatrade features in the following video.

More Welcome Bonuses

This trustworthy forex broker seeks to enhance customers’ experience on its platform, and as a means of improving its customer relations, it will occasionally come up with promotions, but always with an appreciable Welcome bonus. These promotions give the clients a chance to receive various awards on meeting certain conditions. Among the promotions that AvaTrade is currently conducting on its online platform are as follows.

The welcome bonus, where on signing up and getting a new account you will receive a stipulated bonus in your first deposit. To claim your bonus, your first deposit should be 1000 units of a chosen base currency from the United States dollar, the Great Britain pound or the Australian dollar. Basically, the bonuses consist of lessons and advice to start trading the best way. You will also be able to download eBooks to guide into the forex trading world. Thanks to our partner code, AvaTrade will offer you all the needed lessons. Enter the code 88907 when you register to get it.

You can claim another bonus thanks to a special partnership established between Avatrade and the football club of Manchester City. As the official Manchester city football team partner, AvaTrade offers free online trading coaching. This coaching incorporates the use of the demo account and also provision of learning material such as eBooks and videos.


Bonus Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that govern the bonuses that AvaTrade offers.

  • The welcome bonus is only available for new clients who have successfully registered for an account with the online broker. Use our Avatrade partner code “88907” to complete your registration.
  • Bonuses will be based on the base currency unit that the client has decided to use. The base currencies include the Australian dollar, the Great Britain pound, the United States dollar and the euro.
  • For the Japanese yen accounts, the bonuses will be calculated on the basis of the Japanese yen- united states dollar exchange rate.
  • Clients from specific regions are not entitled to the bonus. Among these countries are European countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan and Thailand among others.
  • AvaTrade reserves the right to cancel or reject any promotions.
  • Promotions are only valid as at the date that it will be running.
  • Bonus will be credited to your account upon the successful deposit of the required amount and the successful upload of verified documents.
  • For you to withdraw the acquired bonuses, you will need a minimum execution of 1000 of base currency units trading volume for everyone base currency bonus within six months.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I get a cash bonus when I register?

Answer: No, this is totally forbiden by the regulating authorities. In the first hand, Avatrade could face massive fines if they would offer those kinds of bonuses. On the other hand, that would not proof of trustworthiness. In fact, a broker’s role isn’t to offer traders cash but to help them with money thanks to their skills. If a website tells you that Avatrade offers cash in bonus, it most probably concerns the demo account, meaning the money isn’t real money.

Question: What are the base currencies that are accepted in trade executions?

Answer:  Among the base currencies that are accepted include the United States dollar, the euro, the Great Britain pound and the Australian dollar.

Question: What are the requirements for one to benefit from the bonuses?

Answer: To qualify for the bonus you need to be a new client with a newly registered account. You will also require a minimum deposit of 1000 units of your preferred base currency. Other requirements can be checked under the bonus terms and conditions section.

Question: When and where should I use the Avatrade partner code?

Answer: You must enter the partner code we provide on the top of the article when you create your account. It is 88907. On the registration process, you’ll see written: “Have a Partner Code”. By clicking on this sentence, you’ll be able to enter the code in the blank space that will appear.

Thanks to our unique and exclusive code 88907, you’ll get all the lessons offered by the platform so that you can start trading safely.

Question: How to change a demo account to a real account?

Answer: To switch from a demo account to a real account you will click on the switch account, and you will be signed in to the real account. The account will contain your details same as in the demo account.

Question: Is AvaTrade safe?

Answer: Absolutely. To be simple, AvaTrade isn’t a scam or a fraudulent as the many others you’ll find surfing online. The company is officially registered in Ireland and follows the rules of 6 different regulatory authorities in the EU. Check our full review to get more information and ensure that AvaTrade is a trustable website where your money and data are safe.

Question: Can I trade on Avatrade no matter where I am? 

Answer: Yes, all you need is an internet connection. Even though certain countries don’t accept trading, if you already have an account, you should be able to access the platform. Also, do not forget to download the Avatrade app in order to be able to trade faster.

Avatrade dashboard

Quality Of Avatrade’s Platform

AvaTrade has invested in a very great platform that has an array of features that make it a great and safe platform to trade in. Also, it is one of the few to provide a nice welcome bonus and effective partner code. Find out the many appreciable specificities of one of the best online brokers in 2021 hereunder.

Leverage effect

In accordance with all the regulations authority and EU laws, Avatrade allows its traders to use leverage effect up to x400. However, this option might be limited depending on your place of residence. Ensure that the leverage effect allows by law in your country can go up to 400. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to benefit from the leverage effect decided by the regulations and laws of your place of residence.

In 2021, the authorities usually allow AvaTrade and other online brokers to go up to x10.

Website’s Ergonomy


AvaTrade’s website has utilized an efficient design which employs simplicity and exclusivity factors in making it easy to use in navigation. The menu icons help you access whatever service you need. There’s no need to be a professional to find its own way on the website. Basically, everything’s clear and you should find your path within a few clicks on Avatrade.com.

Multilingual Support

AvaTrade has a lot of clients, from all regions of the globe. To give each of them a better service while on the platform, it features multilingual support. The multilingual support is a feature that allows a client to select the language of his or her choice when checking out the platform or hen signed in to their respective accounts.

Charts And Graphs

Courtesy of the platform being financial, it brings the need for statistical recording and interpretation tools. The AvaTrade platform has these tools in graphs and charts that show how the instruments have been performing. These tools help the clients make well-analyzed decisions while executing the trades.

Customer Service

AvaTrade’s customer service is very excellent and features in the platform in their hotline numbers and also a live chat icon. Their customer service has some of the best ad qualified staff that work with dedication to ensure that clients’ needs have been sorted out. The platform also has a live chat where a client can communicate through messages to the AvaTrade’s customer care center. This service is available at all times for clients to make inquiries as well as get help in their trading conquests.

Banking on Avatrade

For the trade executions to be initiated, there will be the need for setting up the stake. Also, funds have to be withdrawn by the client as a reward for their trading conquests. For this reason, AvaTrade has some approved channels of depositing and withdrawal of cash which include credit card deposits, e-wallet payments, and bank wiring.

Deposit Modes

The following are the deposit channels that AvaTrade accepts.

  • Credit and d debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. This mode may take up to one business day for the funds to reflect on a client’s account.
  • Bank wire transfer which can take up to seven business days for it to reflect on the account depending on the bank used.
  • E-payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and WebMoney. The payments will take a maximum of 24 hours to reflect on your account.

We usually encourage people who want to open an account on Avatrade to make the first deposit of minimum $200. However, be aware that you can make a smaller deposit. The website accepts deposit from $100. Before enjoying your welcome bonus, do not forget to enter our Avatrade partner code 88907.


Withdrawals are easy to initiate and uses the same modes as deposits. If you want to withdraw your money, it usually takes a maximum of two working days to initiate. As a point to note, before launching a withdrawal, you will need to ensure that your account is verified, and third-party transactions aren’t allowed at all. A little sum may be incurred as the processing fee. Avatrade is a safe and trustable broker, meaning that you won’t face any difficulties to withdraw your money as long as you fulfill the required conditions.

The AvaTrade transactions set themselves apart from the rest as they take a rather short time to initiate as in the case of withdrawals which take 24-48 to make the transfer.

Islamic Trading

AvaTrade has clients all over the world who have different practices and customs. Among the clients whose practices affect the services of this broker are the clients who are adherents of the Islam faith. The Muslim clients follow the sharia law which has strict regulations against interests in trading. For this reason, AvaTrade has come up with the Islamic trading account. The Islamic trading account is a real trading account, but with the swap free feature meaning, it attracts no interest at all.

Islamic trading is an option highly appreciated and Avatrade provides one of the best services in this section in 2021. People who want to focus on Islamic trading still can use our Avatrade partner code 88907.

Top 3 Alternatives To AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a great forex broker that offers its clients the benefit of great trading conditions as well as an excellent customer service. This is the primary reason behind its large clientele base. However, despite its greatness, some brokers are proving to be its great competitors, and they offer almost the same great services as AvaTrade. Among the brokers which can be a great alternative to AvaTrade are as follows.

swissquote square logoSwissquote Forex Broker

Swissquote is a Swiss-owned forex broker that has been in the industry for almost two decades giving it an edge above in experience and expertise. It is a branch of the Swissquote group holdings a financial company with interests in the banking sector among other commercial industries. This factor gives Swissquote the much-needed exposure it needs in giving its many clients the best services. This company offers excellent trading conditions a fact that makes it a lucrative broker and a significant competitor to AvaTrade.

Why Swissquote Is A Great Alternative

The following are some of the reasons that make Swissquote a great alternative.

  • Great customer service.
  • It has great trading conditions.
  • Swissquote offers crypto-trading.
  • It has excellent and versatile trading platforms.
  • Nice leverage and spread options

etoro square logoEtoro

Another great alternative to AvaTrade is Etoro. This top forex broker has his headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is known for its technological approach to the trading concept. Therefore, it was conceived in early 2007 with the primary purpose of giving its clients superb trading conditions and also allow many people to get into forex trading. Etoro has grown drastically over the years and is now a global brand in the forex sector. It has been noted for its heavy use of the social trading network concept which is a new concept in forex trading. The social trading concept allows traders to practice copy trading in the execution of trades.

 Why Etoro Is A Great Alternative

The following are the various reasons that make Etoro a great alternative to AvaTrade

  • Worldwide presence with regional offices in Australia, Cyprus and the United Kingdom among many other places.
  • Cryptocurrency trading available
  • Social trading concept which allows copy trading. In copy trading, a client can execute trades using the techniques of another trader.
  • Excellent trading platforms.

icm square logoICM Capital Markets

ICM Capital Markets is another great forex broker that can give AvaTrade a stiff competition in the delivery of its services. The primary aim of the platform is to offer fast and efficient trading facilities for forex traders. It has grown drastically over the years to become one of the best traders with a large client base.

Why ICM Capital Markets Is A Great Alternative

The following are some of the primary reasons that make ICM Capital Markets a great alternative to AvaTrade.

  • Islamic account available
  • Nice welcome bonus available with our bonus code
  • Great and flexible trading conditions.
  • Excellent trading platforms with great features
  • Large variance in trading instruments.
  • Substantial global presence.

Plus500 square logoPlus500

Plus500 is one of the most known trading platform thanks to powerful communication: Atletico Madrid football club. in fact, the company, based in Isreal, is on the shirt of this famous team for many years. However, this is far from being their only asset. Plus500 is one of the top brokers and provides its customer with great services. By registering on this broker’s website, you’ll be able to enjoy traditional tools and many more. Founded by 6 Isreali alumni in 2008, the company now generate hundreds of millions of net income.

Why Plus500 Is A Great Alternative to Avatrade

  • One of the best CFDs providers
  • Nice spreads and leverage effects available (depending on your location)
  • Easily reachable customer support
  • Vast range of trading tools

*This bonus applies for non-Europen residents.

The Avatrade Partner Code is valid until 31st December 2021

Last checked: January 2021

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