Binance Referral ID Code 2021: Enter U3WE0WUN – Up to 10% off

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Register using our Binance Referral ID Code U3WE0WUN . Get 10% off on your fees. 

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Expired on: 12/31/2021

Register on Binance using our Binance Referral Code ID U3WE0WUN to get 10% off of your fees. Binance is a fast-growing and one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms. Their 1.4 million transactions per second is proof of this. BNB is the Binance coin, the company’s very own token.

Get 40% Discount on Binance Trades with Binance Referral Code U3WE0WUN

You must signup using Binance kickback referral code “U3WE0WUN ” to get 20% cashback on your trades. Enable “using BNB to pay for fees” under the Account section

The Binance referral ID Code is U3WE0WUN.

The Binance referral ID Code is U3WE0WUN.

The platform offers a complete ecosystem with leverage, low fees, top security, vast currency options, and three different interfaces that are available on their TestNet or the real platforms for users who are ready to trade.

Binance Offer Bonuses (2021) Binance Referral ID Code
Binance Welcome Bonus Get 10% discount Code: U3WE0WUN
Others Binance Assets Free eBooks and classes Code: U3WE0WUN
Partnership Video Tutorials Code: U3WE0WUN

This well-known company offers several different promotions and bonuses as an incentive for their faithful clients. We will now guide you on how to open an account using a referral code, explain how to begin trading, and we will mention other promotions you should look for after signing up.

Binance Promotion: Up to 10% Welcome Bonus with the Binance Referral ID U3WE0WUN 

If someone has sent you a referral code and you don’t have an account on Binance, then you may use the code when you register. This will give both users up to a 30% bonus that is split between the two. The new client will automatically receive a 10% discount on trading fees during a period of 30 days after signing up. The total bonus percentage depends on the average daily balance of Binance Coins (BNB).

How to activate the promotion with the Binance referral ID U3WE0WUN 

To activate the promotion you must only have the Binance referral code U3WE0WUN.

Enter the Binance referral ID U3WE0WUN and click. There is nothing more to it for you to enjoy Binance’s bonus.

Promotion terms conditions with the Binance 10% bonuses

logo binance

There are a few terms and conditions you must understand before using a code or even giving one out in the future. As mentioned before, the total percentage amount depends on the average daily balance of Binance Coins (BNB).

If the client’s average daily balance is 500 BNB or above, a total of 30% will be split. The senior user will receive a 20% bonus on his friends’ trading fees during 12 months since the creation of the new account. The newly registered client will get a 10% discount on their trading fees during 30 days. When the average daily balance is under 500 BNB a 20% is split halfway between the referred and the referring user.

You may send a referral code yourself only if you have a Futures contract. Once you have this, you may proceed to the Binance Futures Referral Program, customize your code, and you’ll be ready to send out referral codes to your contacts.

Binance Referral ID Code U3WE0WUN and the bonuses

The previously mentioned bonuses are not the only ones available on Binance. If you have a Futures contract you may sign up to the Binance Futures Affiliate Program. It is for individuals who have 5,000 or more followers on social media, crypto communities with 500 or more members and businesses or organizations that must make sure to have a minimum of 5,000 daily visits, at least 2,000 user base, an industry media platform, crypto fund and an aggregate trading platform.

Once you sign up to this affiliate program you automatically get a 30% bonus which is split with who you refer. When you reach a minimum of 1,000 referrals, your bonus will go up to 40%, meaning you will now get 30% of your friends’ trading fees.

The promotions don’t end here. There is a Binance Affiliate Bonus Program, again, only for Futures contracts. This time, you will earn a bonus of up to 72,000 USDT from your referrals depending on the fees they pay during a period of 30 days.

Below, there is a screenshot of the table available on the Binance site. It might help you understand the amount you can earn which will depend on the fees paid by the friend you have invited.

How to create a Binance account and benefit from 10% off with the Binance referral ID U3WE0WUN?

Create Your Account using our Binance Referral ID Code U3WE0WUN

Binance homepage

If you do not yet have a Binance account, we will guide you through the steps you must take to create one with up to date screenshots of their website.

Welcome to the Binance Home Page

When you first access Binance you will first encounter the image we have added below.  On the top left you will have three options which include log in, register or 16 different language options to navigate through the webpage, read the FAQs, explore their service, or redirect to one of their many social media platforms.

This is what you must see on the top left. Please click on the yellow “register” button to create an account.

Binance top corner

Time to create an account

Once you click on the button mentioned above, you will be redirected to a new page. Here you must fill in the different boxes. Add a valid email account and a password for your new  Binance registration. Please note that your password must include at least 8 characters, at least one upper case letter, and minimum one number. You only have one chance to enter a password, so it might be a good idea to check if you wrote it correctly.

Underneath these two options, there is another box where you can add our Binance Referral ID Code. The Binance referral is U3WE0WUN.

Remember, this is where you may add the Binance referral ID U3WE0WUN to get that 10% discount on your trading fees during a period of 30 days.

When you have finished all of the steps mentioned above, make sure to click to confirm that you are over 18 and have agreed to Binance Terms.

If you have finished the previous instructions, you are now ready. Go ahead and click on the big yellow button that says “create account”.

Binance registration page

Don’t forget to verify

Having clicked on “create account” you will be redirected to another page that will be asking for a six digit verification code. You will find this code on the email you registered your account with. If it is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

When you have found the email and entered the digits you will again be redirected. Please go to the next step.

Binance - verify your account

Welcome to Binance

If you see the page below you have successfully registered! Now look to the top right corner. Just under the language selection you will see an orange sentence that says “Go to Dashboard”. Please click on that. There is one step left.

This is the image you should find on the top right. Remember to click on “go to dashboard”.

Important 2FA Security

Before being able to use the dashboard freely, Binance will show you an important security notification. It is the two factor authentication, also known as 2FA. You may skip this option, but you are strongly advised not to. Remember security is a vital necessity to protect your funds.

You have two options for the 2FA. If you choose the Google Authentication method you must have their app or download it. In case you decide on the SMS authentication, you will need to enter your phone number and add the 6 digit code they send to your phone to enable this security option.

Ready to start!

Your registration is done and you are all set with your two-factor authentication. The below image is how your dashboard should look.


As we have already seen, Binance works with a two factor authentication service via SMS or Google. If you have a YubiKey, you may add it to your 2FA. The company’s software engineers have designed a multitier architecture.

Binance may also ask you to prove you are not a robot. You will have to position a puzzle piece in a slot by moving it with a big button that has three green lines in the middle. Click on the button and move it along without letting go until the puzzle piece is in the correct position. We have provided a screenshot for you below.

Start trading on Binance: our guide

Choose one of the three trading tools

Binance choose your account


On the top left of the website you’ll find many different options. Feel free to explore them. If your mouse hovers over the button “spot” it will display 5 more buttons which can redirect you to the trading tools. “Basic” is for the easiest trading option, classic is a simple trading tool, and “advanced” is the most complete of the interfaces. We will click on advanced.

In case you are still not ready to trade with real funds, Binance also has a Testnet  available where you have the choice to practice on the basic or advanced platform. It is very important to highlight that it works with real time prices.

Right to the advances platform

Once you have selected advanced, the below image is what your screen will look like. Now, let’s look for the exchange botton. It is on the top left, to the right of the Binance logo. Hover over where it says BTC/USDT because this is the exchange.

Binance advanced platform

Search for the trading options available

Now you will see all the trading options. There is a search box if you would like to find a currency you have not seen in plain site. As an example we will click on the first alternative: ZRX/BTC.

Binance trading options

Time to place an order

Now you are almost ready. While you are on the same page, please look to the right. You will see a “place order” box. Here you have a limit buy and market buy. Where it says “price” there are already numbers. That is the last price someone paid for the exchange.  Underneath these options you have a button you can drag to the left and back to the right to select leverage percentage.

If you have deposited funds you are now ready to trade.

Place an order on Binance

Is it a good idea to register on Binance and use its promos?

Binance has very good bonuses, but they are only available for those who have Futures contracts or the people who have received a referral code. The promotion percentages are always split two ways in order to incentivize and maintain loyalty from both new and old users. Do not forget to use our Binance Referral ID Code when you create your account to be allowed to benefit from those promotions.

The security system has been working smoothly and efficiently ever since they launched. Let’s remember the company’s 1.4 million transactions per second. Don’t let these numbers scare you if you are new to the crypto currency trading industry. Binance has an important Testnet you can practice on, and educational support before you decide how to start trading your funds.

The future is yours and you can win trading cryptos, but only once you have enough knowledge to manage your risks in a responsible way.  We invite you to read our review on Binance so you can learn everything else Binance has to offer, written out in a detailed and organized manner.

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