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Setting Up Your Account with A Bitfinex Referral Code nUmqBXHIB

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Born out of Ifinex Inc in 2012, it has expanded its presence to 52 countries over the years, and currently has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

How To Register With the Bitfinew Referral Code nUmqBXHIB

Bitfinex Logo

To benefit from Bitfinex’s versatile crypto-exchange platform, you need to sign up for an account. The signup process is simple and straightforward. You start by clicking on the ‘Open Account’ icon on Bitfinex’s homepage.

An online form will pop up consequently, wherein you are required to furnish your details such as username, email, and password. You can also provide a referral code if you have one. Confirm that you have a strong password and complete the captcha.

You need first to confirm your email address to activate your account and have it running. Due to previous security breach issues with the trading platform, you may need further activations to authenticate your account and ensure that you have effective encryption measures.

The Bitfinex Referral code nUmqBXHIB is available for all the year 2020. Do not miss out the offer and take the opportunity to get 6% off of your fees.

Bitfinex’ Trading Accounts

The versatility of this trading platform is evident from the variety of trading accounts it features. Below are the primary accounts accessible from the Bitfinex Website. 

The Demo Account

The demo account is a common feature in most new-age trading platforms and is an excellent tool for beginner traders. Noticeable among the features is the simulated trading conditions that mimic the real trading environment. Novice traders can take advantage of the demo account to practice trading.

If you are a professional trader, this account type is vital as you can, later on, use it to come up with new strategies or test existing ones. The demo account also provides you with exclusive access to test and familiarise with the platform and trading interface.

The Standard Account

The standard account type is suitable for both beginner traders graduating from the demo account and also experienced traders who have a perfect grasp of the online trading concept. The following are some of the features of the Bitfinex standard account.

  •  It features a variety of trading instruments such as litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum, and many other crypto units.
  • Accepts margin trading and margin funding.
  •  Features the stop-loss order.

The corporate account

Bitfinex has a corporate account to cater for the needs of professional and institutional traders. A corporate account is equipped with advanced features making it suitable for a high trading volume. The following are some of the perks at your disposal if you sign up for this account type.

  • They have dedicated customer support.
  •  Improved security features, such as regular software updates.
  • Expedited verification to curb instances of money laundering and furnishing criminal enterprises.
  •  Co-location and cross connectivity, which provide excellent trading speeds.
  • You can also open sub-accounts, where you have multiple trading accounts operating under a master account.

Bonuses Offered To Traders with the Bitfinex Referral Code 

Bitfinex Home

Bonus programs serve as great reward schemes for loyal customers while simultaneously enhancing the trading experience. Bitfinex has one bonus scheme at the moment, the soft staking program. Under the soft stake promotion, you can quickly generate rewards by holding your digital tokens on this online trading site. Your rewards can be as high as 10% per year.

Bonus Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that govern Bitfinex’ bonuses.

  • You need to have an account with Bitfinex.
  • There is no minimum token holding amount.
  • The Tokens and rewards will be on hold within the Indicated Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitfinex’s Online Platform Friendly To Beginners?

The online trading concept is quite complex, especially when dealing with crypto-unit. Despite the complexity, Bitfinex tries its best to make its site friendly by inclusion of features such as the demo account. Using this account, you can understand how online trading works and practice before risking your fortunes.

What Are The Trading Instruments That You Can Trade On Bitfinex’s Platform?

Bitfinex is a platform that exclusively deals in cryptocurrency units. Some of the crypto units you can speculate on include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

How Many Trading Account Types Does Bitfinex Have?

Bitfinex is a flexible trading site and has a variety of trading accounts to meet different trading needs. It has three account types: the demo, standard, and professional account.

Is Bitfinex A Safe Platform?

Yes, this platform is one of the safest and most secure. Though it earned a bad reputation a while back when hackers managed to get away with assets, this proved to be a learning experience. The company has henceforth initiated strict measures and advanced features to curb security breaches, such as banking on top-notch encryption and 2FA verifications in the registrations.

Does Bitfinex Have Any Promotions?

Bitfinex has the soft-staking bonus program, which allows you to generate rewards by holding your digital tokens on the online platform.

Quality Of The Bitfinex Platform

Bitfinex Interface

When it comes to online trading, the platform’s quality is essential to your efficiency and efficacy. For starters, the assessment of any company begins from their website. A website is the company’s online representation, and is a foreshadow of the services to expect. Bitfinex has an adaptable and user-friendly website, which even beginner traders can use without much hassle.

Site Ergonomics

The site’s organization is ideal for trading and majors on its simplicity for efficiency.. Access to the site is quite fast, the same as navigation, as you can easily locate the icons.


Security and data privacy is non-negotiable when venturing into online trading. As earlier hinted, Bitfinex was previously prone to attacks, which tarnished the reputation of this company in the financial industry. However, it took note of its weak spots and ensured they were less prone to security breaches.

Some of the measures this exchange company focuses on for the security attribute are as follows.

  • Two-step verification when signing up for an account.
  • Ensuring you provide a secure password when signing up as a new client.
  • IP sensitive systems that automatically lock accounts with suspicious changes in IP address to prevent session hijacking.
  • The site saves your login data, which it regularly analyzes to detect unusual activity.
  • Constant security system upgrades.

The Affiliate Program

Bitfinex has an affiliate program that gives you a chance to boost your earnings. It is a referral program where you earn an agreed-upon commission when you refer clients to Bitfinex’s site. All you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate and generate links that you can share on your social media.

Bitfinex News Center

The financial market is very dynamic, and as an investor, you need to keep up with the constant updates to know the bearing of this sector. Bitfinex has a news center, which is a collection of individual features that furnish you with news on the financial market and also its on-site updates.

The features are the Blog, the Newsletter, and the Announcements. You can receive email notifications, especially if you opt for the Newsletter, giving you a chance to keep up with any changes, both in the financial sector and the trading site.

Market Statistics

For analysis purposes, you have the market statistics feature at your disposal. It shows you the real-time performance of the various digital assets. The performance guides you in making the right trading decision, such as which markets to buy or which position to buy out.

Mobile App

 Bitfinex takes advantage of smartphone penetration to advance its mobile application. The app provides an efficient trading platform, and you can trade at the comfort of your phone so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Customer Support

There are high chances of encountering a problem during online trading due to its complexity level. Should you meet an issue, there is no need to fidget as the customer support is available at your convenience.

On the site’s support center, there are various categories that your issue may lie. You click on the category and put down your issue,and the support will be notified via email .From reviews online, the support gets back to complainants within 24 hours. 

Multilingual Support

As mentioned earlier, Bitfinex is present in over 50 countries, a number it seeks to grow. To cement its worldwide reach, it supports a variety of languages. Among the languages that this website supports are English, Russian, and also simplified and traditional Chinese.

Bitfinex Pulse

The pulse feature allows you to stay updated within the crypto space. It is a critical feature, especially during this time when block halving events for most cryptos. 

Top Alternatives To Bitfinex

Bitfinex has solidified itself as one of the best crypto exchange platforms in its eight-year stay in the financial sector. Despite its might that make it one of the top crypto trading brokers, it has various competitors that can edge it out of the race.

Below are some of the top alternatives to Bitfinex.


The number one alternative to Bitfinex is Bittrex, a company that graced the crypto-trading scene in 2013. It prides itself as a secure platform, built with layers of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

It has a robust trading engine that allows for instantaneous execution. The site also supports third-party trading platforms courtesy of its extensive application programming interface.

It has low trading fees; it charges no commissions for deposits, while for withdrawals, you will incur a small percentage on the amount you transact depending on the crypto-unit. This crypto trading broker also has a mobile platform for the convenience of smartphone owners.


Binance is quite a new entrant into the cryptocurrency brokerage scene, and it has been around for only three years as at the time of authoring. It takes the credence of being a new age technologically-backed platform, evident by its secure platform.

Presently, it boasts of an average of 2 billion in daily trading volume and 1.4 million transactions per second. Additionally, it has 24/7 support. As such, you are sure of getting help anytime of the day should you encounter an issue.

It also supports a variety of cryptocurrency units as its trading securities. They include Bitcoin, Ethereum, NANO, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

Some of the features you may encounter on its site include the Academy, which is an excellent hub for you to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency trading concept. The Research feature is a unique analysis tool that gives you a proper outlook of how the various trading securities are performing in the financial market.


Kraken is another competitor to Bitfinex and has been in the online trading scene since its inception in 2011. The company takes pride in being a pioneer in blockchain technology, a feat evidenced by its user-friendly website.

It is an excellent platform for beginner traders due to its many features, especially in investment education. Under this section, there are various tools that novice traders can use to orient themselves to online trading. Some of the tools include the blog, a podcast, and online institutions.

You can also benefit from its 24/7 support in case you need some help while on the site.

Final Word

Online trading is going mainstream due to technological innovations, thanks to the internet age.. The result is that many players are joining the online trading sector, and one of them is Bitfinex.

This online broker specializes in cryptocurrencies as its main trading instruments, and on its site, you can open positions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more. It has a secure site that guarantees the safety of your funds as well as your personal information.

It has an easy signup process with three account types; the demo, the standard, and the pro account at your disposal. We highly applaud its devotion to ensuring security of assets and data. Register for an account and take advantage of this excellent platform. 

If you want to register on another platform, we recommend Avatrade. You can also enjoy our Avatrade partner code 88907 to create your account.

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