BitMEX Referral Code 2021: Enter “lvhHBC” and get 10% off

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Get our BitMEX referral code * lvhHBC* and receive a 10% fee discount for the first six months after your registration. We’ll guide you on how to get your Bitmex bonus and enjoy the trading platform at its finest. 

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Register using our BitMEX referral Code lvhHBC and get 10% off on all the fees.  

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Expired on: 12/31/2021

A Quick Glance at Bitmex referral code lvhHBC

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BitMEX is one of the most used cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. This company, launched in 2014, offers attractive leverage, margin trading and contracts. This proves that it has an entire trading system. These factors indicate it is a platform where more experienced traders will be better off. The company offers a Testnet demo account so you can practice before opening a real one.

Its security has proven to be highly efficient, and they have not suffered any hacker attacks to this date. They work with different layers of protection, including top wallet security, system security, trading engine security and communication channels. Although this platform works with many different cryptocurrencies you may only deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin.

This company has promotions in the form of referral codes for new and old users. This means that there are more options than just welcome promotions. There are also benefits for those who are already clients as a way to award their loyalty. This is an incentive for a new client and those who already know this platform to invite a friend.

Taking this short BitMEX introduction into mind, we will guide you step by step to understand how to open an account and access these attractive offers.

Pay 10% less fees with our Bitmex referral code lvhHBCbitmex referral code 10% off

BitMEX has a special promotion for all new users who have been referred by a client. The benefit consists of paying 10% less fees for a period of six months after opening your new account.

To enjoy the promotion just click on the link provided.

How to Activate the Promotion with the Bitmex Referral Code lvhHBC? 

After you have possibly tried their Testnet, received a referral link, and are ready to open an account, please take in mind the facts we have gathered for you.

Once you have signed up using your referral code, your promotion will be automatically activated. There are a few simple steps you must take to follow up on your 10% discount.

If you do not have an account we explain in this same article how to open one. If you have already signed up, we will now show you where to find your promotions.

How to profit from the Bonus

  1. First,  you must first log in to your account and make sure you are looking at the main page. Go to the top right and click on the arrow next to your email address.bitmex live trading
  2. When the “main option” window appears, click on “account and security”. It is the first blue button on the bottom.
  3. After you have clicked on “account and security” you will be taken to a new page. You will initially see your account information.Now, look to the left underneath the BitMex logo, and search for the button “Account and Preferences”. Click on “Affiliate Status” which is a few options under that .
  4. After completing the previous step, you will find your own referral link to send to friends. This is another promotion. With this link, you may invite others to open an account on BitMEX, and in turn receive a commission. Underneath the link, there is a dashboard that will keep track of your referred users. Payouts are updated daily at 12:01 UTC.To continue, if you scroll down on the “affiliate status” page  you will find a section named “referred user benefits”. Here, you will see the words “Fees Page” in blue. You may click here for more information on fees.

Promotion’s terms and conditions

If you have just created a new account on BitMEX using a referral code, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on fees during your first six months as a client. It is important to clarify that this promotion is valid for perpetual and futures contracts. Remember payouts are updated everyday at 12:01 UTC.

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions before using the promotion in order to avoid surprises and use it the best way possible.

Other BitMEX Referral and Bonus Codes

The referral promotion for new users is useful.  Besides, there is also a second benefit that may interest you. As shown above on the screenshots, you can find your very own referral link, and share it to contacts directly, on social media, or by posting it on your website. Once the referred user has received this link they have up to 7 days to sign up before it expires.

If it is used within the week, you will earn an initial commission of 10%. There is another detail, this 10%  is not limited and may increase up to 20%.  Just like the first promotion we mentioned, the payouts are made everyday at 12:01 UTC.

Other than these two benefits, BitMEX does not offer any other bonuses, promotions, referrals or discounts. According to Daytrading, the reason behind it is the site does not host different types of account so there might be no need for other incentives.

How to create an BitMex Account and benefit from the special promotion?

Creating your Account at Bitmex: step by step process

To benefit from the special promotions mentioned above you must only sign up using a referral code another user has sent you. If you have not yet created an account we will happily guide you through it.

The first thing you must do is go to their website. When you arrive you will immediately encounter yourself with the registration window shown below. There should be a green box that says:  “Looks like you found a referral code! You will receive a 10% fee discount for the first six months”. Once you have seen this you are ready to begin.

Register on Bitmex

First, you must enter your email account. Make sure it is a valid one because BitMIX uses a two step verification method. Next,  choose a strong password. BitMEX has top security, but you must also make sure it isn’t easy to log into your account.
Then, specify your country to see if it is restricted or supported on this platform. At last, you may write your name. Once you accept the terms of service and privacy notes, click on the orange button to register.

bitmex registration form

Registration email

If you have finished the previous step, BitMEX will automatically send you an email to verify your registration information. While it awaits your confirmation it will show you a new black page that says in the middle “registration email sent”. If it does not work click on “Contact Support”. If you have confirmed your email and it will not sign you in, click on the green button that says “log in”.

Check your email

You should immediately receive a new inbox message from BitMEX. If you have not seen it in your inbox, we advise you to check spam. Once you find the email and open it, you will see the image we have posted below. If it is your email, click on the blue button “Verify My Email”.

Back to the platform

Once you have confirmed your email, you will be taken to the main page. If it does not work, go back to the BitMex page and sign in. You should not have a problem after verifying.  Once you log in, you will immediately see the trade platform. Now you are successfully registered and may enjoy your special 10% fee discount during a 6 month period.

We also recommend you try to refer a friend to maintain and maybe even reach a 20% discount. Remember that payouts are made daily at 12:01 UTC.


BitMEX is known for its top security. It works with Amazon Web Services for their client’s protection needs. It will guarantee all servers a two factor authentication through text messages and emails. Every time there is a log in, it will notify the user to their email.

The company also works with Trading Engine Security that not only keeps the transactions up to speed, but also does a “full risk check” after every movement, such as, deposit, withdrawals, settlement, trade and order placement.

Wallet Security is also a priority for this popular company. As specified on their website they run a “multisignature deposit and withdrawal scheme”. This means that all addresses are multisignituare and all storage will remain offline.

If anything strange is sensed, these security services will freeze the account and all trading will be stopped, until unfrozen by the user after a verified process.

Start trading

Before you start trading it is important to mention that BitMEX also has their own app, but the screenshots below are from the desktop view where you can clearly visualize all the information.
Before you, is the main screen on the BitMEX trading platform. If you look to the left of the screen, you will see a small box named “place order”. You must click where it says “market”.
This is where you will be able to buy or sell at live prices.


Quantity: it is the amount of USD you will invest.

Order value: it is located at the bottom in small white letters. Here, you will be able to see how much the USD amount you entered is worth in crypto currency. In this example it will buy 0.3011 XBT worth of 3000 USD.

Buy/Sell Market: they are the green and orange button respectively. The last step here is to decide if you will buy or sell. All you must do now is click on one of these buttons.



Again, to the left of your screen, right under “order value” and “available balance” you will see a small box where you can increase your leverage. The highest level reaches up to 100x. With this option you may expand your risk and seek an increase in your rewards. The leverage amount will depend on the currency.

Note that this account was only used as an example so the leverage and available balance are set on zero. You will notice your account will start the same way. This is because you must deposit funds which are only made through BTC.

Is it a good idea to register on BitMex and use its promos?

BitMEX has been on the market for about three years and is already one of the most popular platforms. This is because of the vast environment options it offers to their clients. Due to all the features, its target audience is probably more experienced traders. Taking that into account, they offer up to 100x leverage on margin trading for some currencies.

As mentioned above, BitMEX offers only two promotions: one for those who sign up with a referral link, and another for users who recommend the platform to a friend. The first promotion gives you an initial 10% discount on your fees during a six month period since you first signed up. Once you already have your account you may send a link to your contacts, and if they sign up before 7 days you can work up to 20%.

It is important to read up on all there is to know about finance and inversion because crypto trading has a high-risk factor. Knowledge will help you to avoid loss and be responsible with your funds. We invite you to read our review on this same cryptocurrency trading website.

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