Bybit Referral Code: Enter YXRpY – Up To $610 bonus !

Use the Bybit Referral Code YXRpY and get a $610 bonus when creating your account. 

Up to $610 bonus
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Bybit Referral Code 2021: Enter YXRpY

Check the table herebelow and find out all the bonuses available with the Bybit Referral Code YXRpY.

Bybit PromotionBybit BonusBybit Referral Code
Bybit Welcome Bonus$10 bonus in BTCCode: YXRpY
1st StepGet $5 bonusCode: YXRpY
2np Step Get $5 bonusCode: YXRpY
3rd Step Get $10 bonusCode: YXRpY
Final StepGet $500 bonusCode: YXRpY
Bybit referral code YXRpY

Enter the Bybit Referral Code YXRpY when creating your account

How to use the Promotion available with the Bybit Referral Code YXRpY

The Bybit Special Promotion is the sum of a total of six different bonuses and coupons that add up to 610 USD.  Three of them are for new members who can claim them through social media, after the first deposit and once you experience bracket order.

There are also three “flash deals” for new and old users of Bybit. These include completing a survey, depositing a minimum amount into your account, and proving to be an active trader during a certain number of days.

If you continue reading you will see we explain the conditions for each option so you can add up to the total $610, write about the other bonuses available, and a step to step guide on how to create an account.

How to get your $610 with the Bybit Referral Code YXRpY?

It is fairly simple to activate the $610 promotion. Let’s start from the main page once you log in to your account.

Along the top of your page, you should see a bar with different buttons. Click on “promotions” and then choose “rewards hub”. You can activate each bonus once you have read and followed the condition by clicking on the big yellow button that says “claim now”.

You can also enter the bonus page through the main page by clicking on a gold-colored gift icon that says $610 next to it. You will find it on the bottom left corner. Next, we will explain the promotion conditions so you can enjoy all the bonuses offered by this trading platform.

Once you start claiming the promotions, you can review them in your “wallet balance”.

ByBit bonuses

Promotion terms and conditions of Deribit offers

First, it is important to clarify that each promotion currency is in USD and every individual one has its own condition. There are two types of deals: “new sign ups”  and “flash deals”. The first works with bonuses and the second with coupons.

Bonuses can be used as trading margins and coupons can only be used as a transaction fee. After claiming either promotions, you cannot withdraw them or use them on a withdrawal fee.

For the $5 social media bonus, you must join their social media channels via Twitter. The “Experience Trading Bonus” is an incentive for you to set up TP/SL when placing an order.

The last bonus for newcomers depends on  the amount of your first deposit which can be in any of the four assets the company works with. We will give the minimum amount needed in BTC. If your first deposit is at least 0.05 BTC it is valid for $5, but if you deposit minimum 0.5 BTC you earn $50.

Now, let’s get to the coupons. Remember these are for all Bybit users. To earn $5 you must complete a customer satisfaction survey. For $20 you must make a deposit of 1BTC, but please note that it can only be made in BTC. The last promotion is for anyone who has been actively trading for 10 consecutive days and you will be able to claim $5.

All six promotions result in up to 610USD, and you may receive this great incentive once you have realized all of the conditions mentioned above.

Bybit Referral Code XRPyP: the bonus and how to get them

Bybit is full of surprises. It does not only offer you the total of 610   bonuses we have mentioned above, it also has two other options: the affiliate and the referral program. That is why they have their own “promotion” button on the main page on the top left.  We will now proceed to explain each.

To receive the affiliate bonus you must first register into the program. Lifetime commission which will get as high as 30%. This commission will depend on your referrals’ trades. Bybit commits to top transparency by sending detailed reports on your commission and transaction data.

Once you have a Bybit account you are automatically part of the referral program, and can use a link available in your account on the “referral program” button under the option “promotion”. If you refer a new user and their first deposit is at least 0.02 BTC you will receive a 10 USD Trading Bonus. Note that this deposit can only be in BTC.

How to create an Account using the Bybit referral Code

Create Your Account at Deribit

If you would like to create and account on Bybit, we invite you to read what we have prepared for you: a step by step guide with instructions and screenshots of what you should see while registering.

A visible registration box

bybit registration page

When you first enter the Bybit website, it won’t be hard for you to see where you can register. There will be a white box to the left. It should say “register” on the top in black letters, and on a yellow button at the bottom. Once you have found that we are ready to begin.

Now you may proceed to fill in with information of your valid email, and a password that must be longer than 8 characters, contain at least one upper case letter, and a number. Once you have decided your password, please click on the “eye button” and check if the password is the one you thought you typed in. You will not have another chance to check if your password is correct.

Then, enter the Bybit Referral Code XRPyP and click on “Sign Up”

Time to check your email

When you have filled in the information correctly and clicked on the register button accepting  the company’s terms and privacy, you will have to go through two security measures.

First, you will see that a small window pops up. It will have a puzzle piece you will have to fit into the spot where it is missing. Do this by clicking on the yellow button and sliding it into place.

Once you are done with the puzzle, another window will appear. Here you must enter a six digit verification code that was sent to the email you registered. Check your inbox, and if it is not there you might want to look at the spam folder. The registration code is valid for five minutes.

Welcome to Bybit

If you have completed the previous steps then you are ready to begin as a new Bybit user. Your home page should look exactly the same as the first time, but now it should not have the big registration box. You might also see many promotion codes or bonus percentages. We explain all about them in this article, so if you have any doubts you can refer to the sections above.


Bybit has a two factor authentication also known as 2FA. It uses email, SMS and Google Authentication. If you would ever need to change your email or phone number you must go to the “account and security” button.

If you would like to add a phone number or a Google Authentication then you must go to your account information page. Bybit will also send you an email notifying every time there is a log in from your account.

Start trading

If you have your account, and have read all there is to the promotions and bonuses, we invite you to follow the steps to begin trading.

Where to click first

When you are logged into your account, look at the top bar. You will see many different options. Place your cruiser over “Bybit Data” and click. This will open a new page for you in another tab.

You will first be encountered with four graphs: Bitcoin’s Simple Moving Averages, BTC monthly price range during the past 12 months, BTC 30-day rolling volatility, and BTC daily realized volatility metrics. We have also included a screenshot of two of the mentioned graphs.

start trading 1

Move on to the platform

On the top  of the page you will see a bar with four different options: tarde, assets, more, and BTCUSD Perpetual. This last button mentioned  is where you should click. It will show you four assets. Pick any of these and it will take you directly to the trading platform.

An organized trading interface

The image below is what the interface should look like. If you are ready to trade real funds then you must already have deposited on the asset you want to trade.If you scroll down you will see all four asset overviews.

Now look to your left and find the first box that says “limit”, “market”, and “conditional” on top. These are all of the orders available.

start trading 2

Trading options

This is what the box should look like. For this trading example, we have chosen the market order. There is a box where you can add the size of the position you would like to use to either buy or sell. As an example, we put 3,000 USD which would have an order value of 0.30870549.

There is also a leverage tool available in the box we are looking at which can go up to 100x. You can drag the circle up and down the slider to choose the amount. The leverage will be added to the calculation on the bottom left or right where it says “cost”.

This is the basic information for you to start trading on Bybit. Remember to deposit, and look at all the options before risking funds.

trading options

Is it a good idea to register with the Bybit Referral Code?

Bybit only has four different assets to trade on the market, but it is recommended for beginners or for those who like working with the currencies available on the platform. It has a two factor authentication method where you are able to add a phone number for SMS or use Google Authentication.

This company offers good bonuses for new and old users, to maintain them active and loyal to their interface. They are very clear on the conditions for each promotion so you may choose if you would like to claim them or not. Remember you are automatically granted a link to begin to refer people to Bybit and receive a commission.

It is important to educate yourself before beginning to trade so you can use your funds wisely. That is why we have provided you with this guide and also offer a complete review on the Bybit trading platform and invite you to read it.

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