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Deribit is a cryptocurrency trading platform launched in June 2016.  John Jansen, the company’s CEO, and Marius Jansen, Deribit’s CTO, are the platform’s original founders.

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This company offers an up-to-date platform and high-security standards to attract new users, and maintain members on their growing interface. For the same purpose, they have a few promotions available.

We will explain how all of this works in the following article where we have also included a step-by-step guide on how to sign up to Deribit, and how to start trading.

Deribit Coupon Code: and Get 10% Off Your Fees

Deribit PromotionDeribit Coupon Code
10% Off Your Fees
Deribit Coupon Code

Thanks to this on the registration form, you’ll be sure that Deribit Coupon Code has worked.

As a new user on Deribit, you may get a 10% discount on trading fees for the first six months, counting from the day you signed up. All you need is a referral link

Two big promo features that are easy to activate because you only have to open an account. But how can you enjoy the promo? Continue reading to learn more about this.

How to activate the 10% promotion with Deribit Code

After clicking on the button on the top of the article, you’ll be redirected to Deribit Sign-up Page. Complete the registration form. You’re done! You just get 10% of your fees for the coming months

Promotion terms and conditions on Deribit platform

If you are referred by another user, and sign up with the link they have sent you, then you are automatically accepting the 10% discount terms and conditions.

The conditions for those who are part of the “affiliate program” are a bit more specific. Derbit will pay in USDT, BTC or ETH depending on which currency they collect the commission from. For example, if the person you have referred pays in BTC, Deribit will collect the fee in BTC, and then pay the commission in the same currency.

If any user goes against the Deribit Terms and Conditions, they will be warned. If the user is very unethical to the community standards or does not correct his mistake after being notified by the company, the account will be immediately deleted.

It is important to note that users may not advertise or add their referral links on a public site. In any case, we advise you to take a look at the company’s Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Terms.

 How to create an Account using Deribit Coupon Code

To create an account on Deribit you must only follow a few simple steps. It is a good idea to benefit from the promotions, but before you must create an account, continue reading to learn more

The screenshots were taken from a desktop computer screen. It is always advised to work from there, and not your phone so you can see the entire platform display.

Create Your Account With a Deribit Code

What to do first

First, go to Deribit’s webpage. There will be a light gray box in the middle of the page. You must click on the turquoise button that says “Create Account”.

Deribit welcome page

Time to fill in a few boxes with your information

You will be automatically redirected to another page which must be filled in with your personal information such as a valid email, your nickname, password, and country of residence.

Your nickname may not include spaces, it will only admit letters and numbers. When adding a password check on the right side of the box to see if it is  weak, medium or strong.

Try to find a strong password for your own security. To have a strong password, you must use at least 8 characters, uppercase letters, and numbers.

If everything is filled incorrectly, you may click on the turquoise letters that say “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” to read the company’s conditions. Read and accept, then click on the square button to agree.

Once it is done, click on the turquoise button that says “submit”.

Deribit registration form

Find your account activation link

After clicking “submit”, a new box will pop up, and ask you to check your inbox. Try your spam folder if you can’t find it right away. Immediately after clicking the activation link, you will be redirected to a page that will open in a new tab.

All set to sign in with Deribit Code

The new tab that the registration link opens is the screenshot you see below. You are now ready to click the turquoise “sign-in” button after entering your email and password.

Straight to the Deribit trading platform

You are now logged in as a Deribit member.

In this same article, we included a step to step guide on how to begin trading.

How To Start Trading on Deribit

Deribit has an interesting trading platform you will learn to use easily. We have prepared a simple guide so you can understand where to begin.

This platform is friendly for both beginner and experienced traders. You can even change the color, and remove charts for a customized visualization.

Welcome to the trading platform! This is what it should look like. As you may notice, it is a very organized interface. It is agreeable to new users and it is a good option for experienced traders as well.

Deribit homepage

Authentification on Deribit

Deribit uses a two-factor authentication method, also known as 2FA or TFA. This means that there is a double security layer when signing in. In other words, a code will be generated and sent to your email, phone, tablet or security apps such as Google Authenticator.

It will be the same process we went over when you signed up, and a link was sent to your email. You may also add a phone number to this two-factor authentication (TFA) method to receive a text message.

 Pick a currency

To get into Deribit’s trading platform you must enter as a member. If you do not yet have an account, we have a full step to step guide on this same article above.

Once you log into your Deribit account, you will be redirected to the trading platform right away. On the top left of the page, next to the company’s logo, you may choose between two assets that may be traded long and short: Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Edit your trading platform

As a user, you are allowed to change the way your trading platform looks. If you click on the desktop icon next to your nickname, you will have four options: balances, chart, wide chart, and light theme.

For this example, we have not removed or changed anything. If you unclick the first three buttons, any of them will be removed from your main trading screen. If you click where it says “light theme”, you will have a black theme. We have added an example below.

Deribit trading page

Look around the interface

Scroll down until you see the image below. Here you will see,  from right to left, recent trades, order book, and a box to enter trades.

Deribit interface 1

Find the trading box

For this example we will concentrate on the box to the left, and use the limit order. First, add a value in USD in the “quantity” box. We added 500 USD as an example. Remember the digits may only end in multiples of 10.

After entering the quantity, you will see your margin right underneath the “buy” and “sell” button, color green and red respectively. Since we are using BTC we have a maximum leverage of 100x.

Deribit interface 2

Deribit: Our Review on Deribit and Deribit Code

Deribit offers discounts using referral codes only. Although they work with a single promotion program, as a referral user you may get a constant 10% discount after the first six months of each referred person that signs up. It seems like a pretty good incentive.

The platform may be edited by each user. In this way you may visualize however you prefer. You may also change the page to black or white to suit your style or need. It might be a good idea to give it a try. Deribit has a laid out an intuitive interface for both new and experienced traders.

Remember, better knowledge will always help you make the best decisions possible, especially while participating in a high-risk activity. Take care of your funds, and trade wisely.

We invite you to read our review on the Deribit cryptocurrency trading platform, to learn even more about this site, and what it has to offer.

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