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Create your account at ETX Capital with our ETX Capital bonus code and get up to $6000 welcome bonus. Whether your start trading or not, ETX Capital can suits your needs. Find out more about the ETX Capital here below.

Setting Up Your Account with our ETX Capital Bonus Code

ETX Capital Offers Bonuses (2020) ETX Capital Bonus Code
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ETX Capital is one credible broker that you can benefit from when it comes to great trading platforms and also flexible trading conditions. So as to get this perks at your disposal, you need to sign up for a trading account on its online platform.

How To Register On using an ETXCapital bonus code

etx capital logo

To register on ETX Capital, you need to click on the create account icon to start-off. Once you click on it, you are going to be redirected to a page with an online form where you need to fill with your right personal information. These include your name, email, your date of birth and also your preferred trading platform.

When you are done, click on the continue button to continue to another page where you need to provide your address details.  The next page requires you to pick your preferred trading options and conditions.

There are two account types that you can opt for while signing in, either the demo account or the standard live account.

The demo account is suitable for you if you are a newbie to the trading concept. With its simulated trading environment, this account type lets you practice and hone your skills in trading. You can also use this account type to test a selected trading strategy.

The standard live account is the standard account type that ETX Capital offers and is suitable for both new and experienced traders.

Bonuses Offered To ETX Capital Traders

In a bid to improve its clients’ relations and also to make your trading stint worthwhile, ETX Capital occasionally runs promotions or offers trading bonuses. Unfortunately at the moment, ETX Capital has no promotions or bonuses running.

Bonus Terms

If there are any bonuses being offered, ETX Capital puts down some terms and conditions that ensure the bonuses program goes on smoothly.

These are some of the general terms:

  • You have to meet the set conditions required for the legibility of the bonus.
  • You have to be an ETX Capital account holder.
  • The bonus is only valid for the timeline it has been set to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the account types that ETX Capital provide?

Answer: ETX Capital provides you with two account types. These are the demo account and the standard live account.

Question: What is the minimum initial deposit for ETX Capital’s standard live account?

Answer: The minimum initial deposit is £100. This serves as your initial base investment capital.

Question: Does ETX Capital have a running promotion or bonus program, and how do I join the program?

Answer: ETX Capital occasionally has bonus or promotions running as a reward scheme to its clients.

Question: Can I use the ETX Capital bonus code if I already have an account

Answer: Unfortunately, the ETX Capital bonus code is only dedicated to the new customers.

Quality Of ETX Capital Platform

ETX Capital has invested in a platform that is of good quality and easy to use. The design is intuitive and has enough information about the company as well as their terms of service


etx capital ergonomy

The platform has a great design that makes it easy to navigate due to the clearly set menu icons.

Multilingual Support

ETX Capital serves clients from different parts of the world who happen to have different languages. For this reason, it has a multilingual feature that supports over ten languages for easy communication. Among the languages supported include English, French, German, Mandarin, Greek and Polish.

The Affiliate Program

ETX Capital runs an affiliate program which is like a referral program. For every successful referral to ETX Capital’s site, you receive a certain commission. The commissions are divided into three different packages depending on the number of referred clients. These packages are the silver, gold, and platinum with platinum being the most handsome package in payouts.

ETX Capital Islamic Banking

The Islamic banking concept allows clients who practice Islam to trade. The Islam faith is against the gaining of interest in trading. There is a swap free version of accounts that do not gain interest. ETX Capital, however, does not feature this account type.


ETX Capital has an education feature that allows traders to get a deeper insight into trading. There are many educational tools that range from live webinars, trader course, road shows, and seminars.

Banking Options

Deposit Modes

Among the deposit modes that you can use while on this platform to fund your account are as follows.

  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Online bank transfer.
  • Wire or bank transfer.
  • China UnionPay.

No fee is charged on either the deposits and they also take a short time to process. Most take one business day to complete.


Withdrawals utilize the same transaction modes as in deposits and also have no charges. Transactions are also fast and may take a maximum of three days to complete

Customer Support

ETX Capital’s customer support feature is efficient and serves to further the prestigious reputation of this broker. If you happen to encounter any issue while on this platform that you feel warrants attention, then contact the customer support via the given number. The response is prompt and your issue will be solved in a short time. You may also reach the customer support via this brokers official social media handles that have been listed on the platform.

Spreads And Slippage

ETX Capital offer tight spreads starting from 0.06 pips.

ETX Capital Trading Platforms

One factor that makes ETX Capital a great trading site, is its trading platforms. ETX Capital has some advanced trading platforms that come with a vast array of features that enhance your trading stint.

Some of the trading platforms that ETX Capital has are as seen below.

ETX TraderPro Trading Platform

The ETX TraderPro trading platform is one great platform that is suitable for you if you want to have a great scope in achieving your trading ambitions while at ETX Capital.  This platform comes with a great collection of tools and features. Some of the features and tools that the TraderPro platform has that makes it a lucrative trading platform are outlined below.

  • The platform has a wide variety of charts that are good for analytical purposes.
  • TraderPro provides you with plenty of drawing tools to your disposal.
  • You are able to directly trade on a product from its chart
  • The pip calculator
  • You can create watch lists so as to monitor a particular market.
  • The product info tab lets you get more information about a product you are eyeing.
  • The platform is also compatible and accessible with mobile phone devices.

ETX Capital MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform

Another trading platform that you can use while on ETX Capital online site is the Metatrader 4 trading platform. This is one of the most popular trading platforms that is a product of Metaquotes. Just like the TraderPro trading platform, this platform comes with a great array of features which can be seen below.

  • The Expert Advisors feature allows for the automation of the analytical trading process.
  • You have customizable indicators at your disposal that help in determining favorable trade opening and closing positions.
  • You have access to the multiple charts on this platform. A good thing about the charts is that you can open multiple charts at once giving you access to plenty of market statistics.
  • You can create watch lists to monitor certain markets that you have interest in.
  • The virtual private server (VPS) allows you to use the Expert Advisors and copy signal providers 24/7.
  • It allows for hedging.
  • It supports the one-click system of trading that allows you to enact your trades rather fast.
  • The platform is available for mobile phones.

The Mobile Trading Platform

etx capital mobil

The mobile trading platform is not a distinct trading platform, rather a trading platform compatible for mobile phones that allows for the use of other trading platforms. The TraderPro trading platform and the Metatrader 4 platform both have their own mobile phone versions. With the mobile phone versions, you can trade anywhere any place as long as you have your phone with you.

The mobile version is also compatible with most mobile operating systems i.e. IOS and Android. You still get the same trading features of the other platforms when you use the mobile platform.

Top 3 Alternatives To ETX Capital

After carefully going through ETX Capitals features we can deduce that it is such a great trading platform with awesome trading conditions. However, despite being this prestigious as a trading platform, there are still some other brokers that can give ETX Capital some fierce competition.

Among the top alternatives to ETX Capital are as seen below.


fx pro logoFXpro is a leading global broker that has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Its idea was first conceived in 2002 with the major aim of providing a transparent trading broker. Over the years its resiliency and adaptability have pushed it into the top league of brokers. It prides itself in being a global brand, a fact that is supported by having its subsidiaries in many countries all over the world.

Why FXpro Is A Great Is A Great Alternative To ETX Capital

The following are some of the reasons as to why FXpro is a great alternative to ETX Capital

  • It has plenty of financial trading instruments that give you a large pool in the choice of the preferred instrument.
  • It is present in many countries worldwide. This makes it easily accessible to many as well as giving you a chance to trade in countries that you are not native to.
  • It is a credible broker that is licensed to operate. This means your funds on your FXpro account are safe.
  • It has great trading platforms that enhance your trading experience.
  • It has flexible funding and withdrawal methods.


Avatrade is another great brokerage firm that can give a heated competition to ETX Capital. It has been in existence since 2006 when it was established in Dublin, Ireland.  The main reason for its establishment was to provide traders with unique trading conditions. With this goal in mind, Avatrade has grown drastically in the last decade to become one of the best brokers around. It provides its customers with nice welcome bonus. Try our Avatrade partner code if you want to create an account.

At the moment, avatrade has its presence felt in many territories where it has established itself so as to take its services near its clients.

Whey Avatrade Is A Great Alternative To ETX Capital

The following are the reasons why ETX Capital is a great alternative to ETX Capital.

  • Avatrade has flexible trading conditions that you may benefit from.
  • It offers crypto trading facilities.
  • It offers some educational tools that may help a new trader to gain experience in trading.
  • Avatrade has awesome trading platforms that will enhance your trading on this site.
  • It is available in many countries making it a good broker in terms of convenience.
  • It is a multilingual support platform available in many languages such as Turk, English, and Chinese among many others.

E Toro

etoro square logoE Toro is another great platform that you can opt for as an alternative to ETX Capital. It has been in business ever since its inception in 2006 and is known for its technical approach to offering trading services.  It is a great trading broker that is spread in many countries and has its subsidiaries in many regions such as in Tel Aviv in Israel and Limassol in Cyprus.

E Toro is well-known for its social trading network concept that allows for copy trading.

Why E Toro Is A Great Alternative To ETX Capital

Here are some of the reasons as to why E Toro is a great alternative that you can opt for in place of ETX Capital.

  • E Toro features the social trading concept that allows for copy trading.
  • It has plenty of account types that you can pick according to your preference.
  • It is convenient as a broker as it is present in many countries.

Multilingual support that features over 20 different languages making it conducive for users from different countries

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