Phemex Invitation Code 2021: Enter GQEAM and get up to $700

Create your account with our Phemex invitation code GQEAM and get your 72$ bonus to start trading now. The Phemex invitation code GQEAM works in 2021.

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Use our Phemex invitation code GQEAM and get $80 free to start trading now on Phemex.

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Expired on: 12/31/2021
The valid Phemex invitation code is GQEAM.

The valid Phemex invitation code is GQEAM.

Launched in November 2019, Phemex is a large growing crypto trading platform based on Singapore. Security, client communication and a multi-language platform helped it to get a well-ranked position in CoinMarketCap since its first 24 hours after the launching.

Keep reading and we will tell you all about these bonuses, their terms and conditions, and explain how to open an account. Let’s take a look.

Phemex Invitation Code GQEAM: A $72 welcome bonus

Phemex offers an interesting promotion for those who have just made an account and want to begin trading on this platform, and for members who would like to join a special program and receive commission for referring friends.

If you continue reading, we will tell you all about the $72 free bonus available with the Phemex invitation code GQEAM.

phemex logo

How to activate the Phemex Invitation Code GQEAM

If you are not a member at this specific cryptocurrency trading platform, we have included a guide on how to open an account. You will see it if you scroll down this same page.

In case you are already a Phemex member, please log in. Look to the top of the page next to the company logo. There will be four options to the left: “start trading”, “welcome bonus”, “all-star program”, and “about”. Click on the second button from left to right.

The $72 Free Bonus to start trading is divided into three different ones. It is important to clarify that it is 72 USD worth of BTC.

The first bonus is automatic and it’s 2 USD worth of BTC. It will be transferred to your trading account instantly.

Once you have your registered account on Phemex and you have the $2 bonus, then you are eligible for the social media and funding bonus. To receive the social media bonus you must follow a few simple steps. Follow the Phemex Twitter account, retweet their pinned message, and complete an application process. All set for your 10$ social media bonus!

The last and biggest bonus is 60 USD worth of bitcoin that will be added to your trading account. But to receive this amount, you must make your first deposit in your wallet. Make a single deposit of at least 0.2 BTC or 1500 USD.

Use our Phemex invitation Code GQEAM and enjoy all the Phemex bonus and promo when creating your account. 

If you prefer to try and read more about the Bitfinex platform and bonuses, we have a Bitfinex Referral Code available here.

Promotion’s terms and conditions 

If you decide to accept the bonus promotions, you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions they imply, so pay close attention because we will tell you what there is to know.

First of all these bonuses add up to a total of 72 USD worth of BTC. They may only be used to open positions, pay trading fees, or cover losses. This means that they are not for withdrawals, transfers, and conversions.

If you try to withdraw your bonus or register with various different accounts it will be immediately frozen and taken from you.

Please note that although you may not withdraw the bonus you may withdraw any profit gained using these promotions.

 Phemex Invitation Code GQEAM: how to use it

Phemex has a special referral program you can sign up for if you would like to invite friends, and earn the attractive commission the company offers.

First, you must sign up to the “Phemex All-Star” program. Once you are accepted you will have a code you can send out to friends for them to sign up with. On this same article you will see where the referred person can enter it for the benefits.

Once you begin referring friends you start with a 10% commission on all the trading fees collected from members in your network. You can reach up to a 50% commission, but that depends on the amount of users you invite.

You may also earn another 10% if you invite someone to become an All-Star. The commission comes from their own network.

Phemex will help you out with material you can upload on your social media, send through texts or even add on your webpage or email. The company will also be very transparent on commission details.

That is all there is to know about this referral program. We invite you to try it out and enjoy the extra commissions.

How to create an Phemex Account and benefit from the special promotion?

Account creation

You can create a Phemex account following a few simple steps. We have prepared a guide with desktop screenshots.

Let’s get started

phemex homepage

Go to Phemex’s webpage. You have two options to register: click on the blue register button on the top right of the screen, or the blue button on the left that says “get started”.

Once you have done that you will be redirected to another page.

Register box

Look for the register box. Time to fill it in with your email information and your password that must contain more than 8 characters, including an uppercase letter, and at least one digit.

If you have an invitation code you may also enter it. Once you are ready, press the blue button at the bottom that says “continue”.

You will automatically accept Phemex’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by signing up.

phemex registration page

Check your email for the code

Phemex will send you an email to the address you registered. You will find a six digit code you must enter to confirm your email.

If it is not in your inbox then it might be a good idea to check your spam folder. You have a maximum of ten minutes to find and enter the code.

When you have added the six digits underneath, it will automatically take you to the main page.

Welcome message

Once you have completed the previous steps, you should be redirected to another page. The first thing you will see is a welcome message from Jack Tao, the company’s CEO. As an official Phemex member, you are now ready to collect your 72$ bonus and begin trading.

On this same guide, you will find information about the promotion previously mentioned.


Phemex works with a two-factor authentication or 2FA for short. You may add our number to receive an SMS or directly to your email to verify it is you who is trying to log into the account. Again, you have ten minutes to complete the process.

The authentication is based on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) system.

Start trading

If you have just registered for an account, we invite you to continue reading to help you understand how this platform works and begin trading. If you are not yet a Phemex member, we have specified each step on how to register above.

Where to click first

When you have logged into your account, look to the top left. Right next to the Phemex logo you will see the first option is the “start trading” button. When you click on this, you will be immediately redirected to the trading platform.

Trading platform

We have added a screenshot below of what the Phemex platform looks like. It is an intuitive interface to use.

The screenshot was taken from a desktop screen. Traders are advised to use a desktop when using their fund to buy or sell because all the features are laid out in an organized manner, and will help you avoid confusion.

Phemex trading platform

Let’s look around

If you look to the top left, right next to your name, you will find your total assets with withdrawal and deposit buttons.

You will also have other details there, such as “order history”, “trade history”,“fund details”, and “PNL details”. Feel free to look around these options and explore. It will help you understand the platform.

If you directly click on the button “assets” you will be taken to your wallet. Before trading, it is always a good idea to take a look at your wallet balance, frozen fund, and available funds.

phemex trading assets


Next to where it says Phemex you will see BTC/USD. If you click or hover over that, and you will see all the assets available on this platform. Choose the one you will be using. Don’t forget to have deposited first, and remember the deposit bonuses.

phemex available currencies

Add a quantity

Now, go to the right side of the page. You will find a box where you’ll have three options on the trading market: limit, market, and conditional. We will show you limit as an example.

There is a set limit price. When the screenshot was taken it was 8,641 USD. Underneath that is where you will add your trading amount. As an example we put 3,000 which would have an order value of 0.3472 BTC. You can see the order value right below.

You may also add the quantity with the percentage bar below if you do not want to type it in.

phemex add a quantity


Right below the box we were looking at before, is the leverage option. Phemex allows up to 100x, but it depends on the currency you will be using.

When you are done deciding the quantity and leverage and are ready to trade, pick either buy/long or sell/shot. They have colored the buttons so you don’t click the wrong one.

Leverage phemex

Is it a good idea to register and use the Phemex Invitation Code GQEAM

Phemex has interesting bonuses for new and old members: the 72$ Free Bonus to start trading available with the Phemex invitation Code.

The company has a very intuitive platform that will work perfectly for experienced and new traders.

The two authentication security is always considered a good security measure. The platform allows you to you add your phone number for an SMS identification.

We advise you to continue learning about cryptocurrency trading, for knowledge will help you take care of your funds and invest well.

We invite you to read our review on Phemex where we have added all the details that might interest you about this company and what it had to offer.

If you want to try something else, less focus on the cryptocurrencies, you can try Avatrade. You can also enjoy our Avatrade partner code 88907 when registering on the platform.

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