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An essential part of your investment approach in financial markets is your choice of broker. The brokerage platform that you pick needs to offer the trading instruments of your choice and also offer excellent trading conditions. One brokerage platform that meets such requirements is Freshforex.

It is a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines based fintech company, with its headquarters in Beachmont.  It has a versatile trading environment as evidenced by its variety of trading accounts and trading instruments.

Is Freshforex A Trustable Broker?

Freshforex is a trustable broker, and at the moment, it has a single license. It is from the Commissions for Regulation of Relations of Participants of Financial Markets (KROUFR); the financial authorization and regulation body in Russia.

The broker is present in other countries, but it does not have the licenses from the respective countries’ financial regulation authorities. The company ups its reputation in the commercial scene by putting up measures to protect clients’ funds. The following are some of the measures.

  • The use of segregated bank accounts to separate the company’s funds from those of its clients.
  • Exclusively working with licensed liquidity providers.
  • Capital stabilization, where the company has enough funds to conduct its affairs.

Registration And Trustworthiness of Freshforex

To experience Freshforex’s varied trading conditions, you need to sign up for an account. It is a simple procedure consisting of two steps and which starts when you click the ‘start trading’ icon on the right side of the site’s homepage.

The action redirects you to another page where you key in your mobile number and email address. You will receive a confirmation code on your phone and your email address. The final step will have you provide additional details such as name, account type, the platform of choice, and many more.

Finalize the registration process by providing the confirmation codes and click on ‘Create Real Account.’

Types of Account available

Freshforex has several account types that make it a suitable trading partner for beginner, intermediate as well as highly experienced or professional investors. There is the demo account, which is the best option for beginner traders. The account has a simulated trading environment and virtual cash to get you acquainted with online investments. You can also use it as a professional trader to develop and try out new trading ideas.

There is also the real account, which is the standard account type. It is an excellent choice for both new and experienced traders. The partner account gives you a chance to earn more through referral commissions. To sign up, you need to confirm the details of your real account. You also need to upload identification documents and files indicating your area of residence.

If you are a pro trader, Freshforex also has the ECN account. In this account, you benefit from features such as fast execution and spreads from as little as 0 pips. You can also try out the pro cent account, which provides you with a technologically backed account. Its key features include 1:1000 leverage, expert advisors, and 139 trading instruments.

Available Promotions with Freshforex Referral Code 443725

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When you sign up with Freshforex as your broker of choice, you will come across various bonus programs that will enhance your investment experience. Below are some of the active promotions on Freshforex’s online trading site.

  • The 120% Per Year on Margin that involves you trading and increasing your volume for a 120% increase on your trading margin. You can either withdraw the amount or invest it.
  • The 101% Deposit Bonus, where you get a 101% bonus on first-time deposits of $500 and more. For other deposits of $100 and higher, you get a 30% bonus.
  • The 200% Deposit Bonus grants you a 200% top-up in bonuses upon funding your account with $500 or more.
  • Zero-commission deposit, where you incur no charges on deposits.
  • The Cashback Rebate program, where you get up to a 100% cashback from each lot of lost trades.

Additional Features

Pros / Cons
  • Leverage of 1:2000
  • Free analytical reviews and webinar
  • More than 130 trading tools
  • Free demo account
  • Bonus and referral codes available
  • Not available in the US
  • Customer Service not available in many langages

Freshforex’s online platform has a lot of features, as we can see below.

The Swap-Free Account

The swap-free account is the interest-free account that Freshforex offers. It is suitable for Muslim clients as it upholds their religious values when it comes to the issue of interest accrual in finance.

The Forex Heatmap

The Forex Heatmap comes in handy when picking a preferable trading instrument. It shows you more than 130 very volatile contracts,whose markets you can buy into. The feature also allows you to compare the returns of the contracts over a given period.

Trade Via Telegram

In a bid to simplify how its clients invest, Freshforex has the Easybot, which allows you to trade via telegram. You do not need a platform for you to trade, only a telegram application. The bot will furnish you with valuable info about the markets as well as instructions on how to open or close positions.

Forex Education

Freshforex has a forex education feature that will help you be more proficient in the trading concept. Under the  forex education feature, you come across the beginners guide.It is an essential orientation tool for novice traders that helps them grasp the online trading concept.

There are also webinars, which are video tutorials from expert traders. From the videos, you can pick lessons on how to pull successful trades.

Forex Economic Calendar

The forex economic calendar helps you keep up with financial news and events. It is helpful when it comes to analysis as it gives you a hint of the market’s bearing. You can filter events using a variety of parameters such as time, country, and also relevance.

Fresh forecast

The fresh forecast is a review from trading experts on various topics in the financial scene. The reviews mostly focus on trading instruments such as currency pairs and they give their probable price movement over a given timeframe.

Multilingual Support

Freshforex online platform supports 15 languages and is indicative of its targets towards a worldwide client reach. Among the supported languages include English, Chinese, German, Thai, Arabic, and many more.

Customer Support

When you come across an issue while on Freshforex’s online trading site, you can easily reach the customer support. You can contact the support through its live chat or multichannel phone number; the support service is available for 24 hours all five trading days.

Trading Platforms

Freshforex has two trading platforms that are easy to use and also very adaptable. They are the MetaTrader 4 and 5, both from Metaquotes.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is an earlier platform from Metaquotes and is still one of the most popular among online financial brokers. It is an easy-to-use platform that makes it an excellent trading companion. It is available as a webtrader and as a downloadable program for Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems.

There are also mobile versions that are downloadable applications. The mobile version is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.

Some of the perks and features of the MetaTrader 4 include:

  • Dealing with a variety of trading instruments such as forex pairs and futures.
  • A variety of charts.
  • Privacy of all transactions.
  • Multilingual support.

MetaTrader 5

The MetaTrader 5 platform is the latest platform from Metaquotes and is one of the best in terms of user-friendliness. It is also a widely used platform like its predecessor, and most online brokers use either of the two.

It has a webtrader version that you can access with a wide variety of browsers. There is also the desktop version which is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems. The mobile version is a downloadable app that is lightweight, hence, it won’t take much of your device’s storage.

Below are some of the features of this platform.

  • Availability of 9 timeframes.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Market execution model.
  • A variety of trading charts.
  • Custom indicators.

The Company

Freshforex is the financial trading wing of Ristol Capital Limited, a company based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is fifteen years in the business and is present in almost 150 countries. It offers some of the best trading environments, and this is probably a contributing factor to its expanding client numbers.

Freshforex has a license from Russia, which lends it some credence. It probably will seek authorization in the other territories in which it operates. Its regulation means that it will ensure clients’ funds are secure and has put up various measures to ensure this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum Initial Deposit For Freshforex?

Freshforex has no minimum initial deposit. However, to benefit from the bonus programs, fund your account with $100 or more.

What Are The Accepted Currency Units On Freshforex’s Site?

You can use the United States dollar, the Euro, or the Russian Ruble as your base currencies when dealing with this broker.

Does Freshforex Have A Swap-Free Account?

Yes, this online broker has a swap-free account that does not accrue interests.


Freshforex is one of the best online brokers when you look at the user-friendliness factor. A variety of trading accounts, educational and analytical tools present on the brokerage site also ensure that you have an excellent investing experience.

Sign up for an account and take advantage of Freshforex‘s versatile platform.