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  • Deposit options: Electronic Bank Deposit (ACH), Wire transfer, Check, External Securities Transfer
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TD Ameritrade is an American-owned forex brokerage company that has been in existence ever since 1975. The over the decade-long stay in the business has made it be one of the most sort out forex brokers due to the experience and expertise factor.

Is TD Ameritrade A Legitimate Broker?

One factor that you need to be sure of before trading with a select broker, is the broker’s legitimacy. Operating with the guiding principle of incorporating integrity to provide the best product to its clients, TD Ameritrade is a legitimate broker. It has updated licenses from the various jurisdictions it operates from cementing it as one of the credible brokers that you can come across.

Regulations And Trustworthiness Of TD Ameritrade

As earlier indicated, TD Ameritrade is a legitimate broker that has all its license updated and in effect order. This allows it to operate with the goodwill of its clients as its main purpose. Among the licenses that TD Ameritrade has under its possession are as seen below.

  • TD Ameritrade has been regulated and authorized to run in the United States of America. This is courtesy of a valid license granted to it by the financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA).

This regulation body requires TD Ameritrade to be responsible for the funds entrusted to it by clients. TD Ameritrade has come up with certain measures that seek to keep such clients’ funds safe. Among the measures put up are as follows.

  • TD Ameritrade has set up a compensatory scheme that is in charge of any cash refunds in case of a security breach on clients’ accounts that leads to loss of funds.
  • TD Ameritrade has employed top-notch security protocols that apart from keeping your account safe from unauthorized third parties, also protects your personal information.

Welcome Bonus And TD Ameritrade Offer Codes

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Bonus available for US residents.

Get your TD Ameritrade offer code and enjoy 600$ + free trades

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How to Register using the TD Ameritrade Offer Code

In order to be able to trade with this forex trading platform, you need to set up an account.

There are many accounts at your disposal that you can pick according to your level of expertise. Among the accounts available for your trading needs are the standard account, retirement account, education account, and the specialty account.

To open an account you are first going to specify the account type that you want then proceed to fill up an online form. The online form requires your proper credentials in name, email, security number, and id or passport number. Once done you can submit it. Do not forget to enter our TD Ameritrade offer code at the really end of the registration process. Then, you’ll have a working account and a welcome bonus depending on how much you put on the platform.

TD Ameritrade Welcome Bonus for 2020

In a bid to boost its clients’ experience, TD Ameritrade occasionally runs promotions. Here is the available promotion:

  • Trade commission free for 60 days plus up to $600 regarding the amount of your first deposit.

This bonus is a bit different from what other platform such as eToro or Avatrade provide to their new customers.

Trading on TD Ameritrade: account type

The standard account is the basic account type and is suitable for both experienced and novice traders. The standard account has no minimum initial deposits required for you to have your account running. However, the minimum electrical funding amount is $50.

The retirement account is an account that is suitable for you for your retirement plan. It seeks to give a steady income to support your lifestyle even after retiring from your job. There are several retirement account types which are the traditional IRA, the Roth IRA, rollover IRA, SEP IRA, Solo 401K, the simple IRA and the pension or profit plan accounts. Al these account types are structured according to your needs as a retiree.

Then there is the education account. The education account is seen as your expense boost while in school. This account type is designed to cater to the needs of college students that can aid them in covering for their expenses by trading. There are three account types further down under the education account. These are the 529 plans account, the Coverdell education savings account and the custodial uniform gift to minors act account.

The specialty account is the account type that operates under some special set of conditions. These specialty accounts include the trust, partnership, and limited partnership account among others.

Additional Features

The following are some of the additional features that are going to enhance your trading stint.

  1. Heat Maps

Heat maps help you in pinpointing market strengths and weaknesses using a visual interface. This helps you in deciding the favorable market opening and closing positions.

  1. MyTrade Community

MyTrade community helps you connect with other traders and share ideas. You can also get trading insights and tidbits from trading pros.

  1. Idea Generation

This feature helps you get ideas into the next trading opportunity.

TD Ameritrade On Mobile

With mobile phones being one of the most popular devices, TD Ameritrade has a mobile platform so as to provide you with an easily accessible platform.  The mobile platform is a downloadable application that allows you to trade anywhere so long as you have your phone with you. It comes with a lot of features, some of which are as seen below.

  • Access to plenty of customizable charts and indicators.
  • Get streaming and international CNBC.
  • The application is optimized for iPad, iPhone, Apple watch and also Android devices.
  • You can also monitor your trades and positions via this application.

The TD Ameritrade offer code is available on mobile and tablet as well.

Trading Platform

TD Ameritrade uses some of the most advanced trading platforms that come with a variety of features to help you in your trading stint. Apart from the mobile platform, other platforms that TD Ameritrade has are as seen below.

The Web Platform

TD Ameritrade’s web platform is accessible through your browser on your personal computer. This fast loading site allows you quick access to TD Ameritrade’s website where you can trade if you have a running account. Some of the features that this platform has that you can benefit from include:

  • You have access to independent third-party research, education and planning tools.
  • Access to news from credible news sources.
  • You can get screeners that scan through the various financial trading instruments and help you find the right option meeting your financial goal.
  • You have the watch lists at your disposal for you to monitor your investments and other potential openings.

The Thinkorswim Platform

This is a special trading platform that has been designed to meet the competitive nature of professional trader. Among the features that this account type has re as seen below.

  • Allows for advanced trading where you can set orders that automatically trigger risk management.
  • Access to a variety of trading indicator numbering an excess of 400 to help you in trading.
  • You have the Options Statistics feature that helps you in the assessment of potential entry and exit positions in the market.
  • Live streaming media from credible media sources.
  • The Stock Hacker feature allows you to screen for stocks meeting your set criteria.

The Company: the leverage innovator

TD Ameritrade is an American forex trading company that has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. It was established in 1975 with the aim of delivering education and resources in a bid to help you pursue your financial goals.

In the four decades of its existence, it has managed to live up to its expectations and achieve its aim, a fact that has made it one of the most renowned American forex broker. It has also managed to gain much expertise from all these years in the industry. As such, it has been able to craft products to meet its clients’ different needs.

It is a company that prides itself as being the pioneer of online trading, starting from the 1980s when it came up with leveraging technology. This technology made it easier and more efficient to trade. It was also among the first companies, at the turn of the millennium, to go the paperless way in account creation. These advancements have made it one of the most reputable brokers that you can sign up with

When it comes to client treatment, TD Ameritrade is one of the best courtesy of its customer care center.  inCase of any arising issue during your trading stint, you can reach the customer help center via a number listed on the site. The response is prompt and you are going to have your problem sorted out. You may also get some advice concerning trading and how you can go about it.

Conclusion: TD Ameritrade, a historical broker

TD Ameritrade has been in the business for long making it a good trading platform that knows what its clients want and it delivers. It has plenty of trading account types that you can pick according to your trading experience. This is a trading platform that you should check out irrespective of your expertise, whether professional or novice.


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