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Setting Up Your Account with our Swissquote aktionscode

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Swissquote is aa great forex broker with great trading conditions that have made its many clients appreciate it. To join its many clients as an account owner, you will need to register and own an account with Swissquote.

swissquote logoHow to Register Using a Swissquote Aktionscode Code

The registration of a trading account with Swissquote is quite easy. First, you will go to its online platform and click on create an account, and you will be redirected to another webpage with an online form that you will need to fill up. The online form will require your valid details in name and contact information. Swissquote has three account types that you can pick from. These accounts are the demo account, the standard account and the corporate account.

The demo account is mainly for training purposes and serves the educational needs of novice traders with little or no information on the forex trading concept. It has a simulated trading environment coupled with virtual funds that will aid in giving the trader valuable lessons in forex trading. The other account type is the standard account that is suitable for both novice and experienced traders and provides the client with unique trading conditions. The corporate account is a professional account that is suitable for companies of corporations that have an interest in forex trading. Large trading volumes characterise the corporate account, and for this account type, one will need to send an application for it.

Bonuses Offered To The New Traders

Swissquote puts its clients’ needs and satisfaction as a priority, and to improve their experience and boost loyalty it will occasionally come up with promotions. These promotions will guarantee the clients unique gifts and rewards upon meeting certain conditions set. Among the bonuses that Swissquote is currently offering on its online platform can be seen as follows.

  • The sponsor-a-friend bonus promotion where you will sponsor a friend by referring him or her to the Swissquote site. Upon the successful registration and deposit by the client, you will receive chf100 credited to your account.

Bonus Terms

For the bonus’ offers to go on smoothly, some terms and conditions have been created to govern these promotions. Among the terms of these bonuses include the following.

  • Only clients with a valid account with Swissquote are allowed to participate.
  • The bonuses will only be granted upon the successful deposit by the referred person.
  • The promotion will only run for the stipulated time.
  • Swissquote has the authority to cancel any bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the corporate account that features on the online platform?

Answer: The corporate platform is a professional account that is meant for companies and businesses that are interested in taking part in forex trading.

Question: How can I sign up for the professional account?

Answer: To get the professional account you will need to fill an online application. Swissquote will review the application, and if you meet the set criteria, you will receive further instructions.

Question: What is the minimum initial deposit needed to make the account operational?

Answer: The minimum initial deposit needed to have your account fully operational is $100. This will serve as your base capital in trading and also as a shield in case of a losing trade.

Quality Of The Platform: a sharped broker with many tools

Swissquote has a great platform that provides for an easy time while navigating it. It owes this greatness to the array of features it has. Some of the features are as follows.

Swissquote home


The web design and outlook are simple but excellent. The menu icons are well set and easy to navigate while on the site.

Islamic Trading

Swissquote allows for Islamic trading courtesy of its Islamic trading account. The Islamic account is a standard trading account but is it is swap free. This is in keeping up with the sharia law that the Muslim adherents follow which forbids interest.

Educative Materials

The online platform also has educative materials that a trader can use to know more about the forex trading concept. A client has access to the learning centre or webinar where such learning materials are at their exposure.

Customer Service

Swissquote is dedicated to serving its many clients and leaving them satisfied. As such it has an efficient customer service feature with a contact that clients can contact in case of any arising issue.

Multilingual Support

Swissquote is a global forex brand, and as such it serves many clients from different parts of the world who communicate in different languages. To make the trading facilities accessible by everyone, Swissquote has a multilingual support feature where a client will pick the language suitable to him or her.

Banking Options

For trading to take place, funds are a necessity to aid a client while executing trades. Swissquote has incorporated various payment modes to help in clients’ transactions.   Swissquote offers two secure methods of making such payments which are credit and debit card and also wiring of funds.

Deposit Modes

The following are the methods that Swissquote accepts in the depositing of funds.

  • Wire transfer.
  • The use of credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
    Swissquote forex


Withdrawals are easy to initiate and use the modes of deposits which are the wire transfer and the use of credit and debit banks. You will be charged a slight fee for this transaction, and it is instantaneous for credit and debit cards and may take 2-3 business days for wire transfer services.

Customer Support

To improve the trading conditions of its clients, Swissquote is always on the lookout for any issues that clients may face. With its customer support feature, clients can directly contact Swissquote’s clients’ affairs representatives who will help in any arising issue. Their contacts can be found under the contacts section in the online platform. There is also the live chat feature that will allow clients to contact customer support at any time to have their arising issues sorted out. Swissquote’s customer care personnel may also occasionally offer advice to clients on matters dealing with forex trading for a better trading experience.

Spreads And Slippage

Swissquote offers some tight spreads with some going up to 3.5 pips.

Top 3 Alternatives To Swissquote

Swissquote prides itself to be a significant force in the forex world due to its favourable trading conditions that attract many clients. However, some brokers give Swissquote a run for its money as they offer services of almost the same quality as Swissquote. Some of the best alternatives are as seen as follows.

etoro square logoE Toro

E Toro is an Israeli-owned forex broker that has been in the forex sector for the past decade. It is synonymous with offering forex trading services which are heavily backed by technology and are well-known for the social trading network concept that it allows to its clients. E Toro offers excellent trading conditions just like Swissquote and makes it a suitable alternative to it.

Why E Toro Is A Great Alternative

The following are the reasons that make E Toro a great alternative to Swissquote.

  • E Toro allows for copy trading a concept where one can replicate another trader’s trade execution strategies to his or her trade executions.
  • It features the affiliate marketing program.
  • The broker has a strong global presence.

Check out our Etoro full review to learn more about this broker and get your bonus code.

avatrade square logoAvaTrade

AvaTrade is another credible broker that can be a great alternative to Swissquote. It is based in Ireland and offers some of the best trading conditions. With experience on its side, it has managed to create a name for itself in the forex trading circles.

Why AvaTrade Is A Great Alternative

AvaTrade can be seen as an excellent alternative due to the following reasons.

  • AvaTrade has excellent trading platforms that enhance the trading experience of its clients.
  • The crypto-trading feature allows trades on cryptocurrency units.
  • Nice global presence and strong worldwide brand
  • Avatrade offers flexible trading condition to its clients.
  • Islamic trading available

Check our ful article about this broker to discover how to create your account using our Avatrade Partner Code 88907 on our dedicated page.

interactive brokers square logoInteractive Brokers

Another great alternative to Swissquote that can stand up to it regarding performance is Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers have the exquisiteness of having vast experience in trading courtesy of being in the business for over four decades. This translates to expertise in giving its clients well-tendered trading conditions.

Why Interactive Brokers Is A Good Alternative

The following reasons make Interactive Brokers a great alternative to Swissquote.

  • Strong global presence with offices in the United States of America, Japan, the united kingdom and Australia among others.
  • Employed the use of advanced trading platforms that enhance the clients’ trading experience.
  • Offers excellent trading conditions to its clients.
  • Nice variety of trading instruments that clients can trade on.
  • Helpful customer service support dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of its clients.

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